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Alternative(s): 비밀수업, 秘密の授業, 秘密教學
››Type: MANGA
››MAL ID: Unknown
››AL ID: 119913
››Volumes: Unknown
››Chapters: Unknown
››Score: 73
››Popularity: 6379
››Genres: Drama, Hentai, Romance, Slice of Life



When Dae-Ho was a child his parents were killed in a tragic accident. Afterwards, he was taken in by his late father’s friend Mr.Cha and was raised with love and care. Now, at age 20, Mrs. Cha realizes that Dae-Ho hasn’t been properly taught about growing up into a man. He keeps having wet dreams and she feels he needs someone to show him how to relieve his urges. She takes it upon herself to show him how it’s done...
(Source: TOPTOON+)

Main Characters:

(Spoiler Territory!)

Eun-Ae Jong


Character ID: 214213

About Character and Role:

Diligent and dedicated housewife.

Su-A Cha


Character ID: 214215

About Character and Role:

21-year-old sister with a tough personality.

Mi-A Cha


Character ID: 214217

About Character and Role:

23-year-old female college student with a bold personality.

Dae-Ho Oh


Character ID: 214218

About Character and Role:

20-year-old boy who is too pure for his age.

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