Sand which is not slipping through your fingers

Sand which is not slipping through your fingers

The real economy companies started to enter ICO in the beginning of 2016. This technology helps to get a nice package of investments and give an impulse to the further business development with a total control over it. You can buy tokens in chemical industry, building and construction and even farming enterprise and get fresh meat and vegetables with large discounts.

Sand Coin company is the first one in the world to invite investors to take part in the sand quarry development in the Moscow region. This blockchain option is supplied with the real product. CEO of the Sand Coin company Ruslan Pichugin is going to tell about the features of the market and the perspectives of this bold idea.

About the Sand Coin project

The first inspiration concerning sand extraction and its further trade was in the first wake of the crisis. Sand is probably needed everywhere and none of the construction sets works without sand.  This way, sand is much more reliable than any world currency.

The company owns more than 100-hectare piece of land in the Moscow region where geosynthetics has been done. The ground has been drilled at every 300 metres and soil composition has been studied. Preliminary estimates of the specialists have indicated that the volume of sand in the quarry is 14.4 million square metres as the minimum. The company has got a sand extraction license of Geological Institute from Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency of the Russian Federation. The quarry is located in the 10 km distance from the planned road junction of the Central Circular Road. In fact, it’s a real treasure with the fast facility access from the capital. But how to mine this treasure?

The team was considering different options of the sand quarry fund raising. Money — it isn’t a laughing matter as we are talking about millions of roubles. One of the evident ways to get money is to get a loan but this idea has been rejected. The credit rates of interest are very high and the business loses its profit.

The second option is to cooperate with private investors but the risks are obvious. You may deal with frauds and unfair partners and lose all that you have. If the sand volume extractions had been many times less, we would have sold unextracted sand to the constructors straightly. But every separate company needs just a certain part, not the whole quarry. The start of the quarry extraction demands huge cash injections: extend electricity, hire qualified people, build an administrative block, get all necessary equipment… Dealing with these tasks, we have paid attention to ICO.

Today Sand Coin is a blockchain option based on Ethereum and backed by the real product — cubic metres of sand. Tokens themselves represent the real cubic metres of sand located in the quarry. This moment the Sand Coin team is raising funds to extract it.

The project stages

The first important step has been taken. Sand Coin has successfully had pre-ICO and sold 230 thousand tokens within six days.  Those people are really lucky as they have been in time to enter the team. During pre-ICO, one token cost $0.95 and the team raised 1500 Ethereum. ICO starts on 18 September and one token can be bought at a price $1.25 — 1.35. At this stage, the company plans to raise about $ 4 000 000. The sceptics had been forecast the breakdown of the project during the pre-ICO stage but pre-ICO had a stunning success. The main reason for this progress is the real supply of tokens. The sand in the quarry can be seen, touched, split through your fingers. It’s a simple and clear thing, you have no doubts about its reality. No need to be nervous before the start of ICO.

The Sand Coin team is confident in the positive result

According to professional estimates, in 2018 the price of one sandcoin will be equal to the market price of the construction sand — it’s about $5.30 per cubic metre. In other words, the investors may get a quadruple profit. From October 2017 till April 2018, the company will be busy with pre-construction activities: getting the wiring, infrastructure developing, equipment purchase. On May 2018 it will be an accessway — it means the start of the sand quarry extraction. By the year 2020, the works will skip to the second quarry.

In summer 2018 the tokens buy-out will start. The company is planning to buy 10% of sandcoins every year and, consequently, the price will rise proportionally to their quantity reduction.

About investments

About one hundred people took part in pre-ICO. The average purchase amount was $2.500. About 10 people invested heavily in stock — $20-60.000 one-time-only. The uniqueness of the sandcoin is in its price. It is three times less than a cubic metre of sand, but, in fact, the sandcoin is equal to it.

According to the estimates of the specialists, there will be extracted about 90 000 cubic metres of sand per month when the quarry starts to work. The market price of one cubic metre is $5.30 and so the profit will be almost $ 500 000 per month. At this rate, the quarry would have been totally extracted in 13,5 years. So what’s then? We are having some good ideas how to use this ground efficiently. One of these ideas is to replace ex-sand quarry with a fishery.

We are having an incredible building boom in the Moscow region nowadays. The economy is having a stable growth and the housing market is growing amazingly fast. In Moscow and in the Moscow region a large-scale residential development is planned for the slum clearance area, which is about 60 million square meters.

The transport infrastructure is rapidly developing. The road joint of the central road is under construction as well as the development of the transport connection within it. The construction of the new speed highway Moscow — Noginsk — Nizhny Novgorod — Kazan with the length of more than 800 km is not far off. This means that sand requirement for this project will be growing.