Welcome to Anime Discussions!!

Welcome to Anime Discussions!!


This is an open discussion group for anime viewers. You can chat about your favourite Anime with fellow Otaku and ask for channel links.

Channel @Anime_Library

Movie channel:


Group: @Anime_Discussions

(For subbed anime you can search here: @Anime4uGeng_List)



✅ Use ENGLISH for communication (few Japanese words are fine).

✅ Be nice and respectful, respect others' opinions.

✅ Try to search in channel before requesting.

✅ Participate in group Polls.

✅ A bit of off topic chats are fine, but try to keep it relevant to this community.

🚫 Do not use profanity (swear words/curse words).

🚫 Do not advertise without admins permission.

🚫 Do not flood the group (No spamming).

🚫 Gore, Porn, Hentai or any sort of NSFW is strictly prohibited. Do not put up explicit content.

🚫 Do not "disturb" anyone in personal messages.

We don't like members joining to hit on girls (or guys) in private chat.

If you get inappropriate messages in private chat from group members please inform an admin (with screenshot if possible). ______________________________________________

Contact Admin❗️

📌 To put any ads/promotional contents unrelated to anime.

📌 If you have any complaints about group or members.

📌 Use @admin or "/report"to the particular text or content for bringing it to admin's notice.



These should always be tagged as a spoiler👇

🔸Latest spoilers.

🔸Manga spoilers (not everyone reads manga).

🔸Meme/media (if it contains plot revealing contents).

🔹Spoiler bots: @spoilerobot, @SpoilerzBot


⛔️ Violation of aforementioned rules can cause warning and even result in permanent ban❗️

Make sure to have Fun 😄