Smart contract - the algorithm implemented in Solidity language for automate calculations, translations, and other functions of the Ethereum system . 

The reason for conducting ICO - is to absorb cryptocurrencies market, and subsequently implement into OnPlace platform the payment system that based on BTC, ETH. Later OnPlace will be able to help startups to raise funds through ICO, and launch their own crypto project .

crowdinvesting, or equity crowdfunding — an alternative financial tool to raise capital for startups and small businesses from a wide range of micro investors. In 2013, the crowdinvesting market was estimated at $400M , and about 50% belong to US.

Regulation crowdfunding - anyone can invest. You can advertise yourself in all available ways. You can collect an amount not more than $1M. However, if you want to collect more, you will need to run parallel Regulation D, Rule 506(c) for accredited investors.

Regulation D rule 506b allows you to collect an unlimited amount by only accredited investors with high income, but before and during the fundraiseryou you cannot advertise your product/project. You can maintain direct or electronic contact with investment institutions. 


⁃ License Consumer Credit Regulation 

⁃ Money Transmitter Licenses 


⁃ Lawyer 

⁃ Blockchain technology specialist 

⁃ Financial advisor 

⁃ Business appraisal

⁃ Marketing/Communication manager 

Association :

⁃ CFPA ( crowdfunding professional association) 

⁃ Lendit (National crowdfunding association) 

⁃ CFIRA (Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates