rette Party

rette Party

"Here you go," Ellen, my cousin, and soon to be sister in law, said pointing a plastic jar with the lid off towards me, "take one."

"What's this?" I said, a bit leery as everything we had done so far was way out of the normal for me. 

"It's a question about your love life. Just draw it, and I'll go first."

"What do you mean, you'll go first?"

"Think of it like a confessional. Whatever it says, we'll all take turns sharing."


I was startled awake when the room light suddenly came on. I hadn't heard anyone come in, I hadn't felt or heard Ricky get up, but suddenly I was surrounded by Carrie and Josette and Ricky's sister Ellen. "What?" I asked, sitting up, disoriented, and pulling the sheet to my naked body. "What's going on? Why... Why are you guys here?"

"Get up girlfriend!" Ellen, obviously the ringleader of this ambush, said. "We've got a flight to catch." 

"A flight? A flight to where?" I responded, still not following what was going on. I glanced at the clock beside the bed, seeing that it was 4:17 AM as Josette stepped up and took my hand, pulling at me to get up. I realized the three of them must have been traveling all night if they were just getting to our place. I ducked aside as Carrie tossed me a bra and panties, my eyes landing on Rick standing in the doorway with his arms crossed, a shit-eating grin on his face. "Did you know about this?

"Don't look at me," he laughed, holding his hands up and stepping back, "I've got nothing to do with this." He was shirtless, wearing only shorts, and since he had gone to bed naked, I knew he had to have at least known about this -- whatever "this" was. I slipped my bra on and grabbed my panties, just as Rosette stepped back from the closet and handed me a blouse. 

"What is this? What's going on?" I said again since they hadn't yet told me anything. 

"We've gotta go. We've got a plane to catch at 6:30," Carrie said, turning from the dresser and handing me shorts to go with the blouse.

"A plane to where?" 

"A plane to your bachelorette party, silly!"

The little clues that something was going on all became clear as I awoke. That Rick had unexpectedly washed all our clothes two nights before suddenly had meaning. His seemingly innocently asking where my passport was, that he was putting his in the safe and would put mine with it, suddenly took on a different meaning also. Would we be going somewhere out of the country? Might be, but then again, my driver's license had never been updated to the "flying" ID requirements, which is why he needed to know where the passport was, so I didn't know. 

"Go get your toothbrush and makeup while we pack," Ellen said, taking the bag from the closet that Rick handed her and putting it on the bed. She and Carrie and Josette were rapidly collecting my clothes, packing for me, so even though I didn't know what was going on, I knew I was in good hands. 


"I can't believe we're doing this," I laughed, reading the slip of paper that I had just drawn from the plastic tub of multiple folded sheets of paper. I read it, my eyes opening and said, "Oh, my."

Ellen and Josette and Carrie all laughed, Ellen reaching for the slip of paper that I'd pulled out. 

It was late afternoon, and multiple hours since our plane had taken off. Arriving in Palm Springs, collecting our bags, getting the taxi had all taken time. With a wry grin at my naked and laughing girlfriends I lifted my plastic glass of Pina Colada, sat up, leaned in and reached out with the glass for a toast. They didn't hesitate to return the toast, Carrie jumping up from her lounge to step over so the four of us could clink plastic glasses. Where we were was the Desert Sun Resort in Palm Springs and although it was listed as "clothing optional" we hadn't seen anyone wearing anything since we got there. 

I asked whose idea a nude resort was for a bachelorette party, and they confessed that they'd all agreed it was a great idea. Ellen said she and her husband Tom had been here a couple of years before and had a great time, while Carrie and Josette said we'd always talked about going somewhere that we could be naked together and 'show off' when we'd skinny dipped as teenagers in the Fletchers quarry. When Ellen told about Desert Sun, they were all in.

Ellen had, over the last couple of months since Ricky and I had announced our engagement, become almost as close of a friend with me as Carrie and Josette. We had spent multiple hours on the phone together, and when I'd returned home to shop for a wedding dress, it became an 'all-hands' affair. Ellen and I had gotten on-line together many times so had an idea of what I wanted, but we figured we still could not just buy any old dress. Josette and Carrie and Ellen and I, along with my Mom as well as and Rick and Ellen's mom, spent all day Saturday dress shopping. With 6 of us, we let Mom and Aunt Danni drive, the rest of us were sloshed before we were halfway through the day. Apparently, Mimosa's are the drink du jour for girls when you are shopping for wedding dresses, every shop had them.

Having been to Desert Sun before, Ellen led the way and was the first to just strip off and head for the pool naked. Carrie and I, having been together for a short time in Mexico also had no problem, but Josette was initially just a bit more bashful. When I told her, "Come on, Josette, it's just like the quarry -- only warmer!" she sheepishly grinned and stripped off. Of course, with the entire place naked, 30 seconds after we were outdoors, nobody even noticed.

Ellen, at 25, was the oldest of us, while the other three of us were all 21. Josette was the tallest and slimmest at almost 5 foot 10, and I suspected the least experienced of any of us, sexually. Carrie and I, of course, had our fling the summer before when we were all locked in, and the three of us had skinny dipped so many times at the Fletchers, but somehow Josette had never talked much about her lovers, or even just her boyfriends, whether they were lovers or not. Certainly the three of us weren't as close as we had been in high school, but Josette was still one of those people in my life that all she had to do was pick up the phone and say "I need help" and I'd have been there. Ricky's sister, Ellen, had been married for almost 4 years and, in our talks over the last few months, I had learned a lot about her including that she was definitely not a prude.

"Tell all about your first blow job," Ellen read aloud quietly, a bit subdued from the rambunctious talking we'd been doing, as there were other people around the pool, although not really close. We had pulled our lounges into a semi-circle off to one corner of the patio, so it was obvious we were together but, other than that, nobody was paying us any special attention. "Who, what, when, where -- everything," she continued.

"Ok, here we go," she said looking around at all of us. "I'd had a couple of boyfriends before but nothing serious, and then there was Richard. We hadn't had sex yet, but we were playing with each other. We were at his house, after school, making out in the living room. He loved my boobs, and I'd let him take my shirt off, and then I opened his pants. I was playing with it, and well, it seemed like the thing to do." She looked around and shrugged. "That was my first time."

"Oh, come on," Carrie said, "Spit or swallow?" 

Ellen laughed. "Spit that first time." 

"Josette?" Carrie said turning to Ellen's right side, "your turn."

"Me? What about you?"

"You first, I'll go next and we'll end with Stacy." 

"So... is this the first time I sucked a cock, or the first time I sucked until he came?"

"Well, obviously both," Ellen answered. "We want to hear all the details."

"The first time..." she paused. "My next-door neighbor, Pauline, had a birthday party and sleep over. There were like seven of us girls, and we were sleeping on the floor of their family room. She'd managed to get some six packs of wine coolers, that was the first time I had ever had alcohol, too. We were having a great time, and sometime after midnight we started playing truth or dare. The rules that we had were that it started with Pauline, and if she took a "truth" everyone else did too, but if she took a "dare" everyone else had to also. When a question was asked, we could either answer, or do the dare, or take a drink. We had been around with "truth" a couple of times when Pauline said "dare" for the first time. When it was just truth questions, we had all the usual questions about what we had done with anyone and the question of whether we'd ever seen a hard cock came up. Some of us had, maybe half of us. So, doing the "dare" got a bit more risqué, almost every dare being at least partially sexual. Finally, when Pauline said she would take a dare a second time, we dared her to go get her older brother David and ask him to show us his cock." 

Josette looked around and shrugged her shoulders. "She did, and he did. She got him to come out to the family room and told him we were playing truth or dare, and her dare was to ask him to show us his dick. He thought for sure we were pranking him, that the next step was to go get their parents and tell how he had been coming on to us, but we assured him that wasn't the case. He finally said 'Ok, I will, but you have to show me too.' When we asked him what he had in mind, he said we all had to show our tits first, or he wasn't going to do it. We all agreed except for Maryann, but when he said it is 'all or nothing', she finally agreed. We all had two-piece nighties except for Maryann, and she had a pull over granny style, that meant she had to take it completely off, leaving her in just her panties. We all took our tops off and he took his pants off. Of course, the next dare was to grip his cock and stroke him a bit, which went around to all of us, and then after that, the next was to take him in our mouths. We all did it, just momentarily, and then we asked him to masturbate while we watched. He said he would, but only if he got to feel us up first. By that time, we were all in, and we were all doing it, so it wasn't that we were really all that weirded out by it except when he squeezed his sister Pauline's tits. He went around the circle and felt each of us up and then he beat off. That was the first time I ever saw a guy cum."

"Oh my," Carrie said, "that was a hell of a first time."

"But that wasn't a blow job, was it?" I asked. "Wasn't that just 'experimenting'?" 

"You've made a guy cum with your mouth?" Ellen asked.


"Ok, then tell us the first time."

"That was Danny, my first boyfriend. We were at the beach, it got late and we uhm... went for a walk, back into the dunes. We were making out and he took my top off and then he fingered me. I was playing with his cock and he asked me to suck it, so I did."

"That's more like it!" Carrie laughed, "I knew you had it in you. Spit or swallow?"

"Spit, of course." The way she said it, we all broke out laughing. 

Looking up, I saw a couple walking towards us, and just said "someone's coming" and nodded my head in their direction. Carrie understood, and even though it was her turn, she didn't immediately say anything.

"Hello Ladies!" the man said as he walked up. "What's the occasion?"

"What's that?" Ellen asked.

"You all look like you're having a party... Bachelorette?"

"How'd you guess?"

"Bachelorette parties at Desert Sun aren't anything new. Which of you is the lucky lady?"

"I am," I spoke up, drawing his attention to me alone.

"Congratulations. He'll be a very lucky man," his wife or girlfriend said taking his hand, "Come on Rob, you can ogle the girls from afar," she laughed as she began pulling his hand to follow her.

"Ciao, ladies, it's nice meeting you." 

"So, where were we?" Ellen said, "Carrie? You're about to tell us whether you spit or swallowed?"

Carrie laughed. "Unlike you other two, I swallowed, but we were also caught."

"Oh my! Really?" Ellen said, "Caught by whom?"

"His mother. It was my first boyfriend Russ Detweiler. We hadn't had sex yet, but of course he loved to play with my boobs. We would usually park somewhere on our dates and make out, although I hadn't let him into my panties yet. That day we'd gone to his house after school and were in his room. I'd taken my shirt and bra off and for the first time let him finger me although I wasn't on the pill yet so I wouldn't take my panties off. But I'd gotten his pants open and had taken him in my mouth. I didn't really know yet how to gauge what was happening to him, he'd suddenly groaned and just as he began to cum, the door opened, and I heard his mother say "Oh my!" 

"Oh, you're kidding!" Josette exclaimed, "just as he came?"

"Oh yeah. No choice, he was spitting in my mouth, his mother was watching, so I just swallowed. 'I'm so sorry, I didn't know you were here,' she said, and then just stood there, I guess trying to figure what to say. Finally, she said 'when you kids are done playing, why don't you come out and talk to me,' pulled the door closed and left.

"No chance she didn't really see?" Ellen asked.

"Oh no. We were on his bed, his feet facing the door. I was topless, his hand on my tit and I had my head on his stomach with his cock in my mouth. There was no doubt about what was happening."

"Wow!" Josette said, "I can't imagine being caught. How awful." 

"What did his mother say?" Ellen asked.

"Actually, she was pretty cool about it. She apologized again for walking in on us, saying that it was her fault, she should have knocked with the door closed, but just didn't think anyone was there. She said that 'obviously you two are having sex, so are you being careful?' I looked at Russ and he was totally embarrassed by the question. I told her that we hadn't had intercourse yet, and she said, 'but obviously you will soon so, are you on the pill yet? Or will you use condoms? It will be better if you are on the pill, so you don't get out of control when you haven't got a condom available. Russ, you just need to make sure I know when you've got your young lady over here, and I'll try and remember to not just walk in.'

"Oh My God!" Josette said shaking her head, "I would have been mortified."

"Well, I can laugh about it now, but it was sure embarrassing at the time." 

"Ok," Ellen said, turning to me. "Two spits and a swallow. And the bride to be says?"

"Spit." By this time, I had my answer rehearsed, I knew exactly what I was going to say. "Jerry Ellison, my boyfriend at the time. He had a truck with a bench seat, and we'd park, make out and I'd sucked him probably 20 times, but he'd never gone down on me. He had a box of Kleenex that he kept just under the front seat and he'd always pull one out and hand it to me after he came and make me wipe my mouth before he'd kiss me again. One day I just told him, 'you know, I like oral sex too. Why don't you ever do it for me?' He made all kinds of excuses, about how it was so hard for him with the steering wheel in the way, that when he leaned back into the corner it was so natural for me to be able to suck him, but I told him that wasn't fair. I told him to swap places with me. I got behind the wheel, he knelt on the floorboard on the passenger side and he went down on me too. It turned out I was his first, he'd never gone down on a girl before, and he found he really liked it."

"A man who is good with his tongue has an automatic get out of trouble card as far as I'm concerned," Ellen laughed. 

"Is David any good?"

"Oh yeah, you better believe it," she laughed, the rest of us joining her, "that boy gets in trouble a lot." I knew already that David was good with his tongue, Ellen had told me that before in some of our telephone talks.


Ellen had made all the arrangements for the party and was a great director of activities. She now told us we all needed to get ready, to get dressed for dinner and nightclubbing. I hadn't even unpacked, so had no idea what they'd packed for me, but they'd done well. They had my LBD packed, and an hour later, we were all dolled up and ready to go. Carrie's dress was her red one, Ellen's was blue, and Josette and I had black, but all were short, and Ellen's and Carries especially displayed a lot of cleavage. 

Bust wise, Josette was an A cup, just some firm little half peaches. She would never fail a pencil test, and I knew from experience she didn't need, and often didn't wear, a bra. My B cup was next up, and although Rick always made me feel good by saying they were better than Carries monsters, I admit I'd always thought it would be nice to have a little more up top -- perhaps not quite as much as the oranges that Ellen smuggled around in her dress, but still. But that Rick always, always, told me I was perfect never hurt my feelings either. And of course, Carrie's melons were always up front and begging for attention. Despite her size, Carrie barely failed a pencil test. If she leaned backwards just a bit, her tits were firm enough that the pencil fell out. She always wore a bra, except when she was naked like we had been today. Her mother was also quite busty and made sure she knew how to take care of her boobs from the beginning.

The Uber picked us up in front, and the drivers tongue just about fell out of his mouth, when four very hot ladies climbed into his car, especially when Carrie sat up front, with most of her magnificent boobs seemingly almost falling out. We all knew where he was looking, and it wasn't a surprise that he spent a lot of time looking to his right during the drive. 

Ellen gave him the name of the restaurant, and he knew exactly where it was. Ellen told him we'd be moving on to the club in a couple of hours and he told us to give him a call directly, he'd take us everywhere we needed tonight, and back to the hotel afterward. 

Mexican food and Sangria started the evening, probably heavier on the Sangria than the food, and then on to Costas nightclub at the Marriott. Not surprisingly, not only did they check our ID's at the door but also checked our Coronavirus vaccination certs. We were there a bit early, but with four gorgeous girls all dolled up on the dance floor, we weren't alone for very long. In typical fashion, we bought our own round of drinks to start, but never had to buy another. The subject of what four girls were doing came up a lot, we found ourselves explaining a bachelorette party again and again, with more offers of drinks and dances for me than I could accept. I didn't know why when suddenly I had Carrie and Josette pulling my arms and heading for the door; Ellen had already called our driver, and I found out we were on our way to Zelda's. 

Zelda's came highly recommended for a bachelorette party as supposedly there was an all-male revue. Just like at Costas, we had our ID and vaccination certs checked. Ellen said we were going to like this, telling us there was a Chippendales type show where the driver could hear. He threw a bit of a damper on it when he said they did have such a show, but not this night. He said it was well known as a dance place though -- and it was indeed that. A couple of more hours of dancing, and although it was only 1 am local time, with our time change we were all more than gassed. We called the driver back and headed to the hotel.

"Do you think he'll appreciate it if I give him a special thank you?" Carrie whispered to us just before she again slid into the front seat. 

"What have you got in mind?" Ellen asked, not knowing Carrie and her famous boobs quite as well as I did. I was drunk enough that it just gave me the giggles, and when Ellen asked me what she was up to, I told her to just wait and see. We pulled up in front of the Desert Sun, and when Carrie turned in the front seat to reach back for the money, her boobs popped out of her top. There was no doubt that she'd done this on purpose, probably slipped her tit tape out as there really wasn't much else holding them in and turned back to tip the driver. His eyes were practically bugged out looking at her tits, and although we tipped him well with money, Carrie said "You were such a good sport I figured you needed a little bit of a special 'tip'." With that she laughed and opened the door and slid out before she pulled her dress back up that little bit and covered her boobs again.