Hello User, We received a complaint from our Bibox online moderator about a stuck OSA withdrawal, Due to wallet technical maintenance, Your account 11918239 experience belated technical issues.

✅Be rest assured your funds are secured

✅You’ll need to request for a refund

✅ For the security of your account there are basic steps that must be done in Order to Have the Authentication of your Account;

✅ Safety store your password, SMS and Google authentication code

✅ There’s need to verify a confirmation of deposit via a rectifying wallet with of on Bibox Account which will add up to the frozen funds and you’ll get a total refund of the deposited and also Frozen OSA which will Directly reflect in your account as soon as you log in back into your account 

✅The deposit has to be made via our rectifying wallet, linked to your Account

✅Please note that you’re not being asked asked for a fee. Any amount deposited will reflect directly back into your Bibox Account as soon as you log back in.

✅After confirmation of deposit kindly and login back into your Bibox Account

OSA smart address