1. Will this meet market demand for as-a-service blockchain solution? 

2. Which use cases should be considered for best market response?

3. What Smart Contract business logic can be pre-built?

4. What generic modules to build that will meet most of the requirement that an enterprise has from DLT based smart contract permissioned blockchian platform?

5. What work flow needs to be built into the platform to offer on and off-chain enforcement of smart contracts and data collection?

6. What will the technical architecture? What should be the most preferred data models (virtual machine) to capture state of the ledger, transaction language (Opcode) to change ledger state, consensus protocol (e.g. EoV, PoET, PoW etc), transaction families, Etc?

7. What should be development and product roll-out roadmap (MVP stages) and tentative cost of development?

8. What capabilities (development, IT, Integration, implementation, administration, maintenance, etc.) will Evalueserve need to develop?

9. How and how much can we price this per customer?