Website: https://qompass.io

Telegram https://t.me/Qompass

Description: Ecosystem for high speed financial markets

Date of Token Sale:

2018-04-05 - 2018-05-30

As blockchain aims to deliver high throughput to deliver services in a fraction of second, the traditional banking systems are still lagging behind waiting for a blockchain which can integrate with legacy banking systems. There were articles in IBM about how banking system will change is available https://goo.gl/DUL4sD

Qompass currently focusing on achieving those goals. 

Qompass blockchain will provide Banks with API’s and services to enable then and users to execute 30K TPS 

Not only that, Qompass aims to create a risk management system powered by Artificial intelligence to calculate accurate risks through machine learning. Banks risk management systems are outdated and there are 25 banks who have shown interest in Qompass to use the APIs and services they provide. 

Qompass blockchain allows you to use both fiat and crypto at the sometime by converting cypto into fiats and allowing you to withdraw cash at any ATM using Qompass card

Qompass has also started an elite group program the minimum investment is just .1 ETH and this investment amount looks tiny when you compare the benefits of being part of Elite group

You will enjoy a special attention and your feedback/suggestions will be taken into consideration while making any new decision. Once we have 1k member’s part of this group, we will kick off a fun competition to rewards every participants of this elite group. The rewards going to be very cool giveaways and a few of them are mentioned below:

1. Qompass Debit card loaded with $150 USD

2. Qompass Hybrid Debit card / Hardware wallet loaded $250 USD and $50 worth of Tokens

3. Qompass hardware wallet loaded with $100 USD and $50 worth of Tokens

4. Access to Subscription for products and services for 3 month worth of $500 USD

5. No performance fees Charged in MCA program for 3 months 

6. Ticket to enter in future marketing give away products value of $10K

7. Qompass T-Shirts

8. Qompass- Caps 

9. Qompass – Notebook & pens 

10. Qompass- Watches and many more.

Qompass also provides you a leverage of 100 times your initial investment, which will allow you to get profits from the trading/investments for which you will get insider information. 

If you believe in blockchin, there is no reason why would you not believe in Qompass - says the project's team.

Token: QPS

Price: 1 QPS = 0,0013 ETH

Accept: BTC, ETH

Hard cap: 10 mln USD