Просто о сложном: Доклады наиболее влиятельных американских «мозговых центров» на российскую тему в августе 2017 #nobrainer #thinktanks

Просто о сложном: Доклады наиболее влиятельных американских «мозговых центров» на российскую тему в августе 2017 #nobrainer #thinktanks


Продолжаю публиковать ежемесячную подборку докладов (иногда статей) ведущих американских «мозговых центров».

The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs – нет новых докладов



Heritage Foundation– нет новых докладов



The Council on Foreign Relations

1.      Managing Global Disorder: Prospects for U.S.-Russian Cooperation



RAND Corporation

1.      Alternative Options for U.S. Policy Toward the International Order



The Atlantic Council

1.      ZAPAD 2017: A Guide to Russia’s Largest Military Exercise




1.      Russia Finds a New Way to Wage an Age-Old War

2.      The Front Line Drawn Across Russia's Backyard

3.      Russia Eyes Europe's Vulnerable Edges

4.      Russia's Hybrid Warfare Strategy

5.      Russia's Communists Pursue a Red Revival

6.      Russia Extends Its Reach to the West

7.      Russia's Targets Hit Back

8.      When Moscow Plays War Games, It Thinks a Few Steps Ahead



Center for Strategic and International Studies

1.      Russia in the Global Arms Market

2.      A Roadmap for U.S.-Russia Relations



Carnegie Endowment for International Peace – нет новых докладов



The Brookings Institution – нет новых докладов



The Jamestown Foundation

1.      Growing Military and Regional Cooperation Inaugurates New Era in Russian-Turkish Relations

2.      The Potential Impact of New US Sanctions Law on Pipeline Projects Connecting Europe and Eurasia

3.      ‘Railroad Wars’ Intensify in South Caucasus

4.      The Russian Navy: To deter the US and to Compete With China

5.      Russia Launches ‘Summer Offensive’ in the Domain of Information and Cyber Security