*Telegram*: @Privatix

*Whitepaper*: [Read](

*Token*: PRIX (1 ETH = 100 PRIX)

*HardCap*: 57,142 ETH (~17 Million USD)

*Total Token Supply*: 10 Million PRIX

*ICO Date*: 19 October 2017


Many people pay a lot for high-speed broadband and using only small part of it throughout the day as they work during the day, sleep at night and just rarely using its full speed for downloading some big files.

Privatix building decentralized P2P VPN platform which will help everyone to benefit from underused bandwidth by sharing it, receiving reward with tokens, or buy bandwidth with tokens from other people, getting all the advantages of decentralized VPN for reasonable price.

For mutual settlements within the network you can use PRIX tokens, total supply is 10 million PRIX. All transactions within network have a small fee up to 1%, beside that there is no other fee.

Main problem of centralized VPNs are that they still can be vulnerable to the DPI-blockers - which is for example used by China goverment in their firewall, blocking many sites for all people in China. Beside that, there are also problems with high prices for centralized VPN, also most of them store logs and info about their customers, which can be sold or given to anyone. As a result, ordinary VPN services not only gives you lack of safety and anonymity, but also takes very high fee for that.

Unlike them, Privatix using advantages of blockchain technology will give every network user free exits to millions of the nodes with fast speed using modified VPN connection, which will guarantee your anonymity and won't be detected even by DPI blockers.

The company already has a good experience in this field, earlier they succesfully launched email spam filter service, which has more than 250.000 unique visitors daily, and also premium VPN service 5vpn, which has more than 15.000 paid clients.

In 2018-2019 Privatix planning to launch some additional products on their platform, such as:

*Cross-platform VPN service on blockchain*

*Marketplace with trading Proxy\Socks via API*

*Privatix.FAAS - anti-censorship tool for developers.*

In first 48 hours PRIX tokens will be available with 40% bonus. There is already more than 1000 white list participants which is already buying it.