This isn’t me at the end (beginning?) of the Privacy Rainbow. Or in other words; I am starting to truly regain my privacy on the WWW which I have been working towards for a v long by time. I have been trying to “DeGoogle” myself for quite a while and as soon as I can break my reliance on a paid-for, Google-centric tethering app on the Kyocera (that I need to create a mobile hotspot with for classes on the RPi), I will be deleting my Google acct and everything that goes with it (basically nothing, I removed everything already). It will be nice to not be reliant on a service that I think has done nothing more than destroy competition and make the tech world a less innovative place. I know WHY they do it (HINT: $$$$$) it is just that so many people are hooked on Google services that they are closer to a monopoly than basically any other company in U.S. (or even world) history. I don’t like all the shit Google knows about me. That it knows about everyone. That it stores ALL this data basically forever. Fucking awful.

Anyway, I am going to keep a distance from their services and switch the FireFox browsing engine to DuckDuckGo (even though they probably still share shit w/ Google) and I am going to remain signed-out if YT on this phone (even though I will continue to use it and if the whole world knows my dumb browsing history, so be it.) I just never plan on uploading content or Liking anything, or commenting on anything or subscribing to anything. I just wanna watch some clips, chill?

i cruise Insta sometimes. This is bad. It’s a gd slot machine of a dopamine induced time drain. I hate using it. Twitter is cool af and tbh, I could quit if I tried, but Insta I can go off. Idek when I use Insta at all considering they are owned by FB and i gd hate FB & will never have an acct on there again.

Anyhoo, enough ranting. Stay safe everyone.