What enters placement

Review of the channel, reference to the project and photo.

Advantages and pluses of the project


White paper

Project White paper will be in details sorted, All values of the project will be in the review

  • Road map of the project
  • Dates of an entry of tokens into the exchange
  • Results, experience, registration of the project
  • Country

There will be separate paragraphs about the Purposes, advantages of the project.

bonus - The team of developers will be sorted

The benefit for investors will be the most important paragraph

Placement forever with, a top for 48 hours - 0.2 Eth

Attracting investors for development of the project

The project has to be reliable

White paper, team of developers

Signing of the contract, perhaps experience in creation of projects

The minimum sum of investments is from $2.000

Price - 0.1 eth Week placemen.

com. with me - @jamlinio