IV. Appeal IV. Appeal


I'm shocked. Is this a critical error? We make this template more than 1.5 months. And now, two months have passed. This template has not been made since the first contest.

This block contains key theses, it is very similar to the pullquotes ("a pull quote is a key phrase" [from Wikipedia]). Therefore, I think that in this case it is best to use this formatting.

Than the solution offered by the administrator is better than mine?

My version
Admin's version. Sentences without full stop at the end it is beautiful?

Admin said: "It's better to format this block as simple paragraphs and separate it from the main content with <hr>".

"Better" ≠ "critical", "better" ≠ "necessary".

This is critical issue for reject?

P.S. Question about other domain

Why not accepted this issue?

At category /photoreport/ always present a suitable image.

  • The link preview must include a photo if a suitable image or document exist in the source.

Example of accepted issue

P.P.S. Question about other domain

Why not accepted this issue

From clarification: If pages can’t be safely assembled into one IV, you must preserve navigation.

Pages from this site can be safely assembled into one IV!