Prank your friends:

Prank your friends:

A @YidInfo project.

Wanna prank your friends?

If YES read this message.

if NOT don't read it.

217 People did it already,

Now is your turn to try it!

We can prank your friends by sending them a email (only in government working hours) from and we'll write them to call this number (605) 475-6965 and a whole message with it.

If you wanna do it, please send us the email address, of the person you wanna prank. to 📬

⚠Put the email address only in the subject of the email, if it's not gonna be in the subject, the email will not be sent!

You can send us, how much email address's you want. But every email address, has to be sent in a separate email.

🔴Send us only the email address of the person you wanna prank, and nothing else.

🔴We will not answer any emails from


🔴You can send us your feedback, questions and comments to


📌Don't be shy!!

217 people did it already.

You can also do it by sending us a email as written in this telegraph.

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