Filipp Krikunov

Artist from Novosibirsk.

Photography "Untitled" 2016

Action "Shield" in 2015
Work with a personal exhibition "Beau Monde" (Yeltsin, Putin, Limonov, the Olympics in Sochi, Variations on a theme of the Siberian identity, Ayfrom fucking Siberia)
Media campaign "Golden loaf of Yanukovych" 2015
The action near the museum "Garage" "Talking about art lead to impotence" in 2015
Dedication 2015-2016
Object "Untitled" 2016
The media campaign "Rossizo» 2016
Work with a personal exhibition "Beau Monde" "the Olympics in Sochi" 2015
Action "Do not lean to the art" (in the framework of the exhibition, which I did not like) 2016
Siberian Pentagon 2014
Jdushan 2017 socpunk

Art group "Novosibirsk" and Morten Traavik "welcome to siberia".