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The father of the card and the father of paypal represent learning that has no analogues. Now, and in the already fucking training, added a large section called "Carding". Here, I painted all the nuances of language learning available even for a beginner.

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The training will include carding and self-reg accounts.

Carding - It's like a highly intelligent gop-stop. The method of withdrawing money from foreign citizens with bank cards. Epic business on a global scale. On the Internet wide paces hand in hand with hacking, scamming and phishing. No work on the RU, as well as real life. It is possible to work from anywhere in the world, the main thing is not to shit where you eat and have the Internet.

PayPal Gang @RolexService

Now, what will be in training and what is it like? First, a brief and on the facts.

You can earn from 3000$ per month. This is actually a bit, but enough to live not as made by the system. Fuck the system.

Information more relevant than on my training, does not exist on other tutorials.

100% training guarantee.

Update information can get every student.

Three lecturers, including me.

Lectures will be in the Telegram channel and chat, as well as in Jabber.

The cost of 180$ in btc any cryptocurrency.

24/7 support during and after training.

PayPal Gang @RolexService

How will the training take place? Guarantees? Guarantor? How long will the training last? What is required, except to give money to me?

I agree to the middleman, but not to the result, of course. Not because I can not guarantee the result, but because you can not. If you are a stupid lizard with paws from assholes and tails instead of hands, only God will help you here, but this is not certain.

PayPal Gang @RolexService

I also give lectures, but not one. Meet the two lecturers, both of the human race.

The first is learning PayPal. It is mysterious, anonymous and makes from $ 2 to $ 5 per month purely on samoregahs.

The second teaches CC. An experienced specialist in carding. His nickname coincides with a very famous brand in the world of high fashion. Most likely, this is just an accident. It earns ~ as much as the first.

The format of the lectures remained the same. Namely, a private channel and chat in Telegram will be created, as well as Jabber (who does not know that this is in HP).

PayPal Gang @RolexService

I and the lecturer will tell everything in steps, after that you will be able to ask me and the lecturers my fucking questions at every step, and then move on.

Lecture format - video, text and screenshots.

Training lasts at least two weeks. In addition to the need to give money to me, you will need to buy mat / material for work.

It takes an additional 50$.

PayPal Gang @RolexService

CC section and logs


  • Jabber + OTR. How is it worse / better Telegram. How to put it on the phone.
  • How to choose a VPN. Where to buy is much cheaper than of. subscription
  • What system to surf on the Internet.
  • Where better to keep money.
  • About the forums. Which is better to watch, where to register, where to get contacts.

System for carding.

  • What systems are in general, why are they beating? What is better, what is more expensive, what is better to choose at the beginning.Виртуалка. Как установить и настроить.
  • Socks5 and SSH. Where to buy, how to connect, what is the difference between them
  • Dedicated servers.
  • Antidetect.

For all carding.

  • Where to get the material cheaper. How to take the material and its format. How least to drain money on it. How to break through BG, see if the address of the registration of the card has changed. breaking through the DOB / SSN and when it is needed.
  • Bypass antifraud.
  • E-gift How to drive different services and a specific shop. How to transform their goods or give to mean.
  • Mean / forward. What is liquid and illiquid. What is profitable to pull into your country and sell there.
  • Search shops. View the merchandise, which features in the sending shops.
  • Directly process carding. What could be after.
  • Calls / Renders..
  • How to work with a rerout. How to rerout yourself.
  • Work with pickup and rerout.


  • What is it and how to get access to online banking cards.
  • What kind of material to take and what data is needed. We say where to get without a long search.
  • How to view transaction status. How to change the registration address of the card to the one we need. Why enroll better than the usual CC.


  • Types of logs (amazon, ebay, paypal) and types of monetization
  • The contents of the log, for which you need everything that we bought
  • Setting up systems for logs, virtual / base / antidetect
  • Work process, how to improve efficiency when working with logs

Self-Registration PayPal

All this information will help to start doing 5k$ and more, but this requires hard work and labor. Carding is easier to plant, and learning pizzhe higher education. And, of course, we give all the contacts of the right people and support even after the training.

PayPal Gang @RolexService

- Self-Registration

+ Work with them has almost completely changed. At the moment, only deposits and sendy show a good result in financial terms.

- СС & logs

+ In training 3.0, they just appeared, and I made adjustments to the flow of information. Now, the time of lectures has decreased, thanks to the material prepared in advance and verified by the previous flow.

+ A chat will be created for the students who showed the result, to which the best students from all new streams will be added (3.0 is also included)

Important note!

No work in Russia and the CIS countries. This should be obvious to everyone, but they constantly ask people about RC RU and Sberbank online. Go fuck you.

PayPal Gang @RolexService

- Self-Registration PayPal

+ Venmo (subsidiary of PayPal) and investment offices have been added to the self-registration section. At the moment, none of the educators have this. An exclusive offer, just like the topics themselves.

- CC & logs

+ In the section of carding and logs everything is still cool.

Fuck society.

PayPal Gang @RolexService