ousins Ch. 10

ousins Ch. 10

It was a couple of minutes before he broke the kiss, his penis still soft inside her.

The two cousins had been kissing softly the entire time they were catching their breath, their sounds echoing loudly in the big bedroom. They were both naked and sweaty, their limbs intertangled. And smiling. Megan's hands softly stroked his back as her blue eyes looked up at him. Her dimple was showing and James couldn't help but kiss her once more.

James straightened up on his arms and slowly pulled back. Megan quickly wrapped her thick legs around him and dug her heels into his ass, preventing him from emerging from her body.

"Noooo..." she pouted her lips outward. He stopped and she continued. "If I'm only here for an hour, then you're going to be inside me for an hour." She smiled. "Come here."

He kissed her nose as he laid his naked form back on hers. He loved the way her soft, plump body felt underneath him. Her flesh was hot, her breasts were like pillows. He kissed her mouth again.

"The problem is," he explained, "if I stay inside you I'm afraid I might get hard again." This was the truth.

"So?" She smiled. He kissed her mouth softly.

"So, we don't have time for another round." His wife had only left with the kids for a little over an hour, she would be dropping the kids off at her sister's before returning. She left just about an hour ago.

Megan turned to look at the clock. It was nine-forty-seven. She couldn't believe how fast the time flew by. It took a lot of effort to cross the city and see him, and she would have to head back to her father's house. Her father was James' cousin. Later today, she would head back to her own house nearly four hours away, when her boyfriend comes to her Dad's to pick her up.

"When does she get back, exactly?" She asked. She looked up at him sweetly, and he was conscious of the snug heat that surrounded his flaccid penis. Her blue eyes were hypnotic and when she flashed that dimple it was very cute.

"Anytime between ten and, like...ten after ten?" He replied. Megan smiled; dimple showing and she leaned up and kissed his mouth.

"We have time." She stated.

"Ha!" He smiled. "I wish! Too dangerous. You'll have to go in five or six minutes."

Her arms pulled his face down to her and she kissed him again, her tongue snaking inside. They kissed deeply for a moment and he could feel his dick starting to respond. He tasted her saliva as her nimble tongue swirled around. Instinctively he sucked on her tongue, savoring it. Allowing himself to get lost in his feelings for a moment. He felt the heels of her feet dig into his lower back again. But his penis started to respond. She broke the kiss and looked into his eyes. Her gaze made his heart pound, and his manhood started stiffening further.

"I don't know when I'll see you next." She stated, pouting. "I want you." Suddenly, her pussy felt incredibly full as she felt his penis stiffen quickly. He kissed her firmly and their tongues snaked out. Her tongue went far inside his mouth as they held each other close. She purred softly, and the room was filled with the sounds of their lips smacking and their heavy breathing. 

James couldn't help being erect. This woman turned him on easily. And her pussy was remarkably tight...and very hot. Her tongue moved slowly in his mouth and he loved the way it felt, and the way her saliva tasted. Instinctively, he pulled halfway out of her and then eased back inside her and the sensation made his heart skip a beat. It felt so nice that he had to do it again.

"Mmmmm..." Megan's sweet voice moaned into his mouth, her tongue flailing wildly. 

And just like that, they were making passionate, forbidden love - again. 

He could afford a minute or two. Just a couple of minutes of experiencing that wonderful vagina embrace his manhood again and again. Her tightness glided up and down his engorged shaft, pulling at him. Coaxing him. 

Without being aware of it, the minutes snuck by. Time had lost all meaning. All James knew were Megan's lips against his; Megan's tongue in his mouth; Megan's soft, naked body against him; Megan's hot, snug vagina caressing his rigid penis. Each time he slid all the way inside her, the elastic of her tight entrance gripped his base with enough force to make his head spin.

"Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!" Her moans added to the intimacy. The sound of her voice made his heart pound with love and lust. Their tongues danced as their sweaty bodies rubbed against one another. They were breathing laboriously as they kissed with intense passion. He was pulling half of his manhood out of her before sliding it right back in. He could feel her hands caress up and down his back and the bottoms of her feet tease the backs of his legs. He couldn't be any harder. It was nine-fifty-six, but he didn't notice the clock. His hot, sexy second cousin was writhing underneath him, her nimble tongue exploring his mouth.

"Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!" Megan's moans were muffled by the kiss that only grew more urgent. He had one hand underneath her, holding her soft shoulder while the other hand held the side of her head, fingers in her hair as they kissed. He lengthened his strokes, pulling his rampant member nearly all the way out of her before plunging it back inside her aching cunt. She raised her feet in the air, increasing the sensation between her legs.

"Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!" She moaned as his groin slapped against her defenseless labia. She wouldn't let the passionate kiss end. Her fingers dug into his back as he continued thrusting. Megan's bare feet were flailing helplessly in the air, waving back and forth as James's ass thrust between her thighs. The minutes rolled by and his manhood continued to slide into her essence again and again. The speed increasing just a little bit with each passing minute.

"MMMPH! MMMPH! MMMPH! MMMPH!" Megan's moans were so loud that, even muffled, they could be heard down the stairs. Her tongue held still in his mouth as his unbending cock darted in and out of her. James sucked at her tongue, losing full control as he pounded his manhood into her heat. He bounced her ass off the bed, causing her pussy to rebound upward and meet each of his frantic thrusts. Fully engorged, his manhood was hypersensitive.

"MMMPH! MMMPH! MMMPH! MMMPH!" Her sweet, muffled cries were sexy music in his ears, driving him to jackhammer into her as hard as he could. But they were also loud enough to be heard at the front door if his wife were to enter. James could vividly feel the sensation of Megan's entrance gliding up and down his swollen shaft, pulling at him. Milking him. Meanwhile, her tongue was brushing across his throat. Megan's legs stretched out on either side of him, welcoming him into her body. He was fucking her relentlessly, still using long, hard strokes. The thrusts bounced her ass off the bed and caused her pussy to rebound upwards and meet his thrust, increasing the velocity. His groin slapped hard against her pussy as he drilled his manhood deep inside her again and again. His thrusting slowed as he hit the home stretch, his shaft swelling up to full capacity.

"Mmmmmm..." Megan moaned loudly into his mouth and her eager tongue continued its exploration. James kissed his cousin even harder as he felt his balls tingle. He was barely holding on, savoring the sensation of her hot pussy gliding up and down...up and down. And then he sheathed his entire penis inside Megan's hungry vagina and held it there, grinding. He was still kissing her as his manhood jerked, shooting a thick, hot load of cum into her fertile pussy. He shuddered, grinding against her and she wrapped her legs around him tight as his cock spasmed over and over. The heels of her feet dug into his lower back as he felt his fluid spray out the end of his manhood. He groaned, his arms underneath her and his hands on the flesh of her shoulders, squeezing her tight as he held her close. They kissed sloppily, breathlessly as he ejaculated into her womb. Their lips smacked loudly -- so loudly that it could be heard outside the bedroom door. 

At that moment, his wife opened the front door.

Completely lost in the moment, James teased his tongue against Megan's, squeezing more cum out of his penis. Then he finally broke the kiss. At six minutes after ten that loving, passionate kiss had lasted a full seventeen minutes, taking them to another world where only the two of them existed. Looking into her beautiful eyes, he kissed her full lips again and smiled at her.

"James?" came a voice from down the hall outside the room. His eyes widened and jumped off of Megan, his penis slipping out of her. He ran two steps and stood at the door, naked.

"Yeah?" he called, trying to control his breathing. He heard Amanda reach the top of the stairs and head down the hallway towards him. His cock was soft and there was a drop of cum dangling from the tip. Megan rolled off the far side of the bed and crouched low. Amanda saw that he was naked.

"Am I...interrupting?" She asked, clearly referring to him masturbating. It wouldn't have been the first time.

"Yeah." He grinned sheepishly. "I had the house alone for once, so..." 

Amanda rolled her eyes and shook her head. She turned around and went back downstairs. James watched her until she was out of sight and in the kitchen. Then he turned.

"Okay!" He hissed, grabbing his underwear. Megan emerged from the side of the bed, still naked. She picked up her panties off of the floor and stepped into them as he put on his underwear. Then she quickly put her bra on and then put on her pants and shirt. He motioned for her to wait as he stepped into the hall. He could hear Amanda in the kitchen at the sink. Fortunately the sink was running - and it was loud. 

James motioned for Megan to hurry. She hustled out of the bedroom, carrying her flip-flops. He followed her, just in his underwear. At the front door, Megan hurriedly opened it and hustled outside.

He closed the door.

"Why did you open the door?" Amanda's voice said behind him. He whirled.

"Oh! Uh...you didn't close it tight."

"Oh." She nodded. She turned and went back into the kitchen.

Megan made the long drive back to her dad's house with a smile on her face the entire time. Her pussy felt satisfied and her heart felt warm with the knowledge that she was carrying a part of James inside her. She didn't know what she was going to do about these feelings, but she was becoming certain that James shared them.











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