or Sale. Cheap.

or Sale. Cheap.

"Hey buddy, you wanna buy my girlfriend?"

Driving home, I took a short cut behind a bar. A guy staggered out in the alley with a passed out woman under his arm.

"Buddy, my girlfriend Nikki, she's yours for a hundred bucks!"

Niki woke up. "What-the-fuck Max? Y-you can't sell... ME!"

"Hell, I bought you bitch, twat and all." The guy looked up.

"Buddy, you look like a horny dude." The drunk woman broke loose and tumbled to the ground. Max picked her up. "Buddy, I need gas money bad. And I'm tired of lugging around Nikki's drunken ass."

"Hmm... What does Nikki look like underneath?"

"She's cute as fuck, used to be a titty dancer." The guy pulled her top up. "Check out those juicy jugs." Nikki squirmed when he yanked down her skirt. She wasn't wearing panties.

"S-stop that!"

"Look, she's got a two-finger twat. Tight as a teen's." Nikki bit the guy when he bent her over. "And check out her acorn sized asshole—it'll snap your dick off!"

My prick throbbed to attention. It wanted to drill both of those holes.

"Well, she looks kinda skanky. How about sixty for the slut?"

"SOLD!" Max dumped Nikki in my arms. She slapped me and asked my name. "I'm Luke."

"Well Duke, you got any booze at your place?" I nodded. "Then honey, looks like you got two new girlfriends—ME and my drunk ASS!" She laughed at her joke and passed out again.

I carried the tipsy brunette to my truck. I hadn't had pussy pie in a long time. When I tossed Nikki in my bed, her legs splayed open, ready to be screwed. Any port in a storm. Right?

But first, I decided to have some nasty fun and set up the video cam.

Drunken Niki woke up, with her eyes glazed over. She mumbled something and stripped her dress off... Suddenly I felt like a horny boy with a new fuck-toy.

After playing with her jugs, I spread her pussy lips and got a nice shot of her pink. Then I shoved a carrot in her pussy and Nikki squirmed when I pushed a beer bottle up her butthole. "Stop that Luke!"

My ex always whined when I stuck bottles in her butt.

Pulling out the bottle I screwed my dick into Nikki's ass. She let out some little huffs, wiggling her rear, as my prick gave her a good reaming. Soon I spewed on video, with lines of cum dripping out her gaping butthole.

As my prick fucked Nikki's twat, I zoomed in on her pink labia, pulling in and out with each fuck stroke. Nice. Soon my cock throbbed and I jerked up, spewing cum into her mouth...and a bit of pee.

With a blank stare, she gulped it down. My new, drunk-as-fuck girlfriend took all the kinky screwing without bitching.

Pushing her knees up I licked her pussy. "Ohhh." Nikki groaned a little when my teeth nibbled her clit. Then I inserted a finger, two, three, then my whole fucking fist went up her tight cunt.

It was fantastic, watching squirm on my fist.

After all the fuck-fun, Nikki passed out again, and we slept together. Me and my freshly-molested girlfriend.

Nikki was still asleep in the morning, with her legs spread and her furry twat covered in dried cum. I couldn't resist fingering her slit... She didn't wake up until my prick pressed against her pussy lips.

Her blood-shot eyes flew open. "Where the fuck am I—And who the fuck are you!?"

"Don't you remember Nikki? I'm Luke your new boyfriend. We met at the bar."

Nikki looked shell-shocked and shook her head. But I kissed her lips and pushed my dick into her other lips, fucking the crazy woman slowly. It'd been a long time since I had a nice piece of morning pie.

Soon I felt my cock throb and fucked harder. Nikki got into the screwing. Gripping my hips with her legs, she slammed her sloppy cunt against my hard cock... until I spewed.

When I pulled out, Nikki slapped me. "Don't just stand there—get me a beer."

Giving her the beer and, Nikki sat up without covering her chest. "You like my knockers?"

"Yep! I was impressed when your boyfriend flashed your tits and twat in the alley."

"Wait a fucking minute...We didn't meet in the bar—You bought me from Max! That damn son of a bitch! I warned Max never to do that again. The bastard!"

Nikki tried to get up. "Ouch, I know you fucked my pussy, but why is my asshole so sore? And my nipples? And why does my mouth taste like cum and piss?"

"Nikki honey, you don't remember?"

"Nope, I get so damn drunk that I never remember much of nothin'."

"Well Nikki, we had some naughty fun! Inserting fun. I screwed your sweet pussy and ass while inserting things up your um... love holes."

"Holy fucking shit! You did that to me?"

"WE did it! And you liked it. AND you're a great fuck." I squeezed her jumbo tits. "Nikki, you're like a Fuck Goddess!"

"Ha, so now I'm Fuck Goddess? A kinky Fuck Goddess?" She laughed. "The guys usually call me Nikki Knockers, since I used to be a stripper. But I love that name, Fuck Goddess."

"Then you're not angry?"

"Fuck no! This shit happens to me all the time. ALL THE TIME. And Luke, I ain't your girlfriend." She winked at my huge lump. "But dude, I can tell you're horny."

"Give me a shot of JD, and I'll give you a BJ."

I got her the whiskey, and Nikki sucked on my hairy balls. I watched her dark head bob up and down on my boner as her tongue tickling my pee hole, and her sharp nails tugged on my balls.

Wow, Nikki sucked me like a pro. After gulping down my load, she wiped her mouth and lit up a cigarette.

"Hey, you can't smoke in here!"

"I can if you want another piece of twat." She laughed and walked toward the bathroom. Nikki looked back, wiggling her naked ass.

"Are you cumming?"

On the toilet, Nikki spread her legs so I could watch her pee. Then she started the shower and undressed me. We screwed under the spray. Nikki noticed the bite marks on her boobs... Oops.

Nikki also noticed the video cam when we dried off. "Wow. Was that recording me last night?"


"Let me see it. NOW! I always wanted to be in a porno." We sat on the bed, and I fingered her twat while she watched me shove the bottle and carrot up her pussy and ass.

Then she watched me screw her pussy and ass.

" Luke, you're a fucking nasty-nasty dude." She tongue kissed me. "I like it. Let's do all that again, now that I ain't drunk. I'll give you a great ride."

We did do it again and again, every hole every way until my cock was sore. No woman had ever made my prick sore.

Later we shared a cigarette while she rubbed her sore nipples. "Dude, I think I'll stay around a while and be your fuck-friend and girlfriend." Nikki giggled and sucked my balls.

"Buy me some whiskey Luke, and you can stick your prick and your toys in my holes."

"Of course I can Nikki. I paid for those holes. Now, girlfriend let's see if this flashlight fits up your rump." Nikki laughed, bent over and spread her butt cheeks. It did.

Two weeks later, Nikki wanted to go out for a night of bar hopping. I was leery about taking a lush to a bunch of bars, but the Fuck Goddess gave me a ball-busting blowjob. So we went.

And of course, by the third bar Nikki was so sloppy-ass drunk she couldn't walk. Shit. Shit. Shit. This was a mistake. Nikki was a mistake.

Dragging the groggy slut out of the bar, I saw a man walking by and yelled.

"Hey buddy, you wanna buy my girlfriend? She's got a two-finger twat and ass that'll snap your dick off."


The next morning Nikki woke up naked and spread, with a stranger on top of her, waiting to shove his prick into her cunt.

"Dammit—go ahead!"