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online casino brands list


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There is a real difference between free spins and bonus slot machines. Free spins are bonuses that allow you to play a predetermined number of spins on all or part of the site's slots or spend a fixed amount on the same slots. This bonus is offered to you after an action on your part (registration, deposit) to reward you.

The bonus slot machine is a random event that is achieved by playing and winning certain games.

This way, you will be able to win bonus slots using the free spins bonus, and not vice versa.


Free spins bonuses are beneficial for several reasons. First, you can play in complete peace of mind thanks to this bonus, without any obligation to return. You can have fun, bet and win money without paying a cent. The amounts to be won can sometimes be large sums of money. Slot machines offer extremely high cash prizes and you can redeem them safely.

In addition, the free spins bonuses are known to be very generous. Sometimes you get over 200 free spins, winning amounts vary from spin to spin, but after accumulating over 200 spins, the final amount is not negligible.

Finally, casinos that offer such bonuses do so to convince you to stay and earn loyalty. They are serious, solid and popular – otherwise they could not afford to offer free spins to newbies so easily. So it's a guarantee of quality. Also, if they weren't sure their platform was enjoyable, they wouldn't let you enjoy it so easily.


In general, the procedure for obtaining a free spins bonus without making a mandatory deposit if you are a new user is as follows: simply register, verify your account, if necessary, enter the promo code indicated on our site, and fulfill the certain Requirements of each site.

Casinos love people who play slots, so their offerings are excellent. New players are those they prefer. In fact, if you play for real money when you are not familiar with the different table games, players can lose a lot.

Free spins bonuses are usually available for new users of the platform as well as old users to reward them for their loyalty or for launching a new game. Thus, you will be able to enjoy these offers regularly.


As we explained earlier, pay close attention to the terms and conditions of the free spins bonus offers imposed by the casino.

The terms and conditions of some sites will state how much you have to wager in order to withdraw money from your bank account. Wagering requirements are expressed as a multiple of the free spins bonus. For example, it is generally accepted that you need to wager 10-20 times the amount of the offered bonus in order to be able to withdraw it, which can make it difficult to recover. This multiple can sometimes reach 60 times. The purpose of the casino is to win money, not to offer money. Therefore, their strategy is to offer you a free bonus for playing on their platform, getting to know the site and building loyalty. But it's not in their interest to let you get that money back. For this reason, the rules tend to be strict and make it difficult to withdraw the money you earn.

In addition, many games are excluded from free spins bonuses. So you will have to pay attention to what the bonus really offers you and you will have to decide if you are really interested in getting it. The casino may choose to have free spins on a single slot machine, all slots from a specific publisher, or on a variety of games, which may also include video poker.

Finally, most of the free spins are activated on the player's account as soon as he registers. However, please make sure that no code is required to activate the promotion. If so, and you want to take advantage of the offer on our site, we will tell you how to proceed and what codes to enter.

So take the time to read the various terms and conditions and sign up for the free spins bonus of your choice when you know how to make the most of it.