of Slethraa Ch. 03

of Slethraa Ch. 03

"Would you like to sssselect your persssssonal pleassssure sssslave, sssire?" Plsskl asked of the high priest. 

"Yessss, I think I sssshall," Ysssgkar said, standing from his throne. He pulled the elf maiden's mouth off of his cock and grabbed the chains of her and her companion's collar, dragging them forward as he marched across the room. They scrambled to keep up with their Master, crawling on their hands and knees behind him. Though adorned with those serpentine tattoos all over their bodies, unlike the other slaves she had seen, their skin retained its normal color. 

When they got closer, Seraphina recoiled when she got a better look at their eyes. Instead of the normal round pupils, their pupils were elongated to thin black slits, like a snake's. Around these slitted pupils were yellow irises that were most unnatural for an elf. Ysssgkar worked his way up the line of captives, studying each one carefully, checking the firmness of their bodies with his hands, his slaves crawling behind him whenever he moved. Every time he stopped, they knelt behind him, spreading their knees far apart and intertwining their fingers behind their heads, jutting their pierced tits and bald, tattooed pussies forward to display them to the room, but most especially to their Master. 

As they knelt on the floor near their Master, Seraphina got a better look at them. The slave covered in red snakes had large rings piercing her nipples, with a heavy chain dangling between them—that Seraphina had noticed before when she was getting fucked on the altar in the other room. Now that her naked pussy was spread wide, she could see another prominent ring piercing her clitoris, with a tiny bell dangling from its center that jingled when she moved. She also sported another large ring through her septum, with another small bell dangling from that. 

The slave with the blue snakes had her nipples pierced as well, though she had bars through hers instead of rings. Underneath the bars was some kind of round, thick metal plate that pushed the bars outward, stretching her nipples uncomfortably away from her body, extending and exaggerating their length. Her pussy lips were pierced through with a series of large rings on either side of her pussy, so that her pussy could either be held open or closed if one threaded something through them and pulled in one direction or the other. They were heavy enough that her pussy lips drooped low, away from her body. When she moved, her pussy rings jingled together making noise like the other slave's bells. Similarly, the lower lip of her face was also pierced with many small rings, forcing her lip into a slight pout as she couldn't close her mouth all the way shut. Her upper lip had two rings piercing through it on either side below her nose, which had a large ring through it just like her red-tattooed counterpart. 

When the high priest got to Aleura, he lingered on her for some time, seeming most pleased with what he saw in her. She glared coldly at him as he inspected her, feeling the weight of her breasts through her travel shirt. As he pulled away to move onto the next one, she spat on the side of his face. 

He immediately stopped short, and Seraphina was certain that he was going to erupt into anger. Instead, he leaned his head down and tugged on the collar of one of his slave girls (the one with red snakes winding all over her body), pointing to the place on his face where Aleura spat. Immediately his slave leapt to her feet and licked the spittle from the side of her Master's face. When she had collected it all she dropped back to her knees, a very satisfied smile on her face. Seraphina thought she saw the slave covered in blue snakes pout for the briefest moment after this. 

Ysssgkar stared at Aleura with a look of satisfaction on his face. "Thisss one," he said, his voice booming with certainty. "Ssshe has sssselected herssself."

"Very good, sssire," Plsskl said, pulling his knife and stepping forward to cut her free from the line. 

"I will die before I serve you," Aleura growled, looking up at Ysssgkar defiantly as Plsskl cut her free of her fellow prisoners. 

"No. You will ssserve me before you die," he countered with a sneer. 

With that, Aleura was cruelly disrobed, her smooth dark brown flesh on display to the room, but she refused to give her captors the satisfaction of crying out or acting embarrassed at her nakedness. Plsskl dragged her over to the stone oval on the other side of the snake pillar, and he attached her arms into the dangling cuffs above while two white-eyed slaves scurried to cuff her feet at his command. He had two other slaves grab the stone pillar and rotate it so that the snake head on the top faced the oval ring instead of the chair. Seraphina hadn't noticed before, but a circle was carved into the stone floor around the pillar, seemingly engineered to allow it to rotate in a full circle. 

In short order Aleura was securely bound into place, able to thrash around only slightly in response to her predicament. The tattooed slaves kneeling at Ysssgkar's feet exchanged an excited glance and both began to gyrate their hips slightly, as if turned on and desperate for release that they could not find. 

Seraphina wondered why Aleura was being bound to this oval stone frame instead of to the chair that poor Celenithra had been placed in. She glanced over at the matriarch of her tribe, who still lapping up her and Plsskl 's urine from the floor, seemingly oblivious that another enslavement was about to take place. 

Plsskl underwent a different process of preparation this time, walking over to the snake pillar and pulling out a long clear tube from either side of the snake's head. He pulled the tubes all the way to where Aleura hung in her bondage frame, bringing them behind her and pricking them side by side into the back of her neck. She grimaced when he stabbed them into her but refused to cry out. 

She hung suspended in the middle of the oval, her body dangling from chains securing her wrists to the top while her ankles were held fast by similar chains below. 

"You ssshould be pleasssed," Plsskl said to her as he stepped back and admired her bound form. "It isss quite an honor to be chosssen asss the high priessst'sss persssonal pleasssure ssslave. It isss an honor only two have ssshared before you," he said, gesturing to the kneeling women now writhing in desperate need. 

"Those pathetic creatures deserve only pity," Aleura spat, her voice tinged with anger. 

"Enssslave her!" Ysssgkar roared enthusiastically, gesturing to the gray-skinned slave standing near the snake pillar. Without hesitation she reached up and threw the switch. This time a beam of brilliant yellow light shot forth from the stone snake's eyes, the gems inside having changed to a yellow color. Something about rotating the statue must have changed the gems, Seraphina thought. 

The light shot forth directly into Aleura's face, but she did not react as Celenithra had—she merely gritted her teeth and made no sound. After a moment Seraphina realized that Aleura had closed her eyes before the beam had come forth, so she wasn't looking at the light at all. 

Plsskl noticed around the same time and laughed mockingly. "You think that will sssave you? Pathetic!" he scolded, marching forth to grab her face. She thrashed about trying to evade him, but once she was in his grasp it was an easy thing for him to pry her eyes open. As soon as her eyes were open the light was unavoidable, as it bathed her entire face in its yellow embrace. 

"Aaaaah!" Aleura cried out in surprise as the light caught her in its grip. And just like Celenithra before her, once the light had captivated her it was too late. She could not look away. Aleura gritted her teeth more and began to grunt with each breath as if she was working through an excruciating pain. Soon Seraphina noticed the clear liquid seeping out from the back of her neck and flowing along the tube, making its way back towards the snake pillar. 

"And now it isss time to claim you asss mine," Ysssgkar said, coming up behind her and lining his long serpentine cock up with her pussy. She growled as he rubbed his cock along her pussy lips. After a few moments of teasing her, he thrust himself fully inside of her, causing her to cry out in astonishment at the invasion. Her mouth dropped open in shock as he began pumping in and out of her but she continued to stare helplessly into the light. 

"Do you feel that, draining out of you? With each drop that flowsss from your body, you have lessss will to resssisst," Ysssgkar said softly into her ear from behind. 

She grunted with every thrust as he forcefully pounded her pussy, reaching forward to roughly grope her tits. The clear liquid had made its way to the snake's head now, filling the tube completely and seeming to flow into the statue. Ysssgkar's tattooed slaves who knelt nearby mewled in frustration and gyrated their hips as if desperately hunting for some invisible cock to find its way inside of them. Seraphina could tell that they were incredibly turned on, but their hands remained interlocked behind their heads, seemingly unable to satisfy their urges without their Master's permission. 

"You are very ssstrong willed," Ysssgkar said, his voice unable to hide how impressed he was. "That jussst makesss it all the more sssatisfying when you're mine."

As the fluid continued to drain from Aleura, her grunts and groans of protest became quieter, until eventually they disappeared altogether. Her body rocked forward in her chains with each thrust as she just stared passively into the light. 

Seraphina noticed with shock that a black fluid now seemed to be coming from the other side of the snake's head, rapidly working its way back up the opposite tube and towards Aleura. 

"Glukkkkkkkk," was the only sound Aleura made as the black fluid reached her and began to flow inside of her. 

"Yes, that'sss it, lisssten to Sssslethraa'sss truth, acccept hisss truth asss it flowsss inssside of you," Ysssgkar said calmly as he thrust in and out of her. Soon Aleura was grunting again with every thrust, and Seraphina noticed that no more liquid was flowing from Aleura's neck—the only fluid she saw in the tube was the black fluid that steadily flowed back into her. 

"You are my sssslave, you are my sssslave," Ysssgkar repeated as he fucked her. Aleura was now moaning in addition to the grunting, and Seraphina thought they were starting to sound more like moans of pleasure. 

"You are my ssssslave, I am your Massster," he repeated to her with each thrust, the black liquid still flowing for what Seraphina thought seemed forever. 

"Yes, yes, yes," Aleura began to pant in time with the Slethraan's invading thrusts.

"You are my ssssslave, I am your Massster. Ssssaay it."

"I am—unnh—your—slave. I am your—nnngh—slave." Seraphina could now see the end of the black fluid, just coming out of the snake's head and starting to make its way towards her. It was hard to believe that the elf who had minutes ago been so defiant was now declaring herself his slave.

"You are my—mmmng—Master! You are my MASter! Oh yes, Master, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, Master! Yes, Master, yes, Master, yes, Master!!" she cried out triumphantly as he ravaged her.

"Fuck me, Master, fuck me! I'm your slave, I'm your slave, yes, Master, yes, yes, I'm your slave, Master, I'm your SLAVE!!" she shouted so that the whole room could know her new truth just as the last of the black fluid made its way inside of her. 

A moment later Ysssgkar buried himself deeply inside of her pussy and came, blasting every bit of cum deep inside of her. "Yes Master, yes Master, yes Master!!" she screamed in pleasure as her pussy filled with her Master's seed. 

With a nod from Plsskl, the slave next to the pillar threw the switch and the light shut off. Seraphina could see that Aleura's eyes were now thin pupil slits and yellow irises, just like Ysssgkar's other slaves. 

Ysssgkar withdrew from his panting slave and walked around in front of her. She looked at him with hungry, desperate adoration. "Master..." she whispered with awe in her voice. 

"Now it is time to mark and collar you, slave," he said, caressing her cheek with his clawed hand. 

"Yes, Master—I am yours, I am your slave!" she purred.

Ysssgkar began an incantation, waving his hands in the air all around his slave, tracing his clawed finger along her body, up her arms and thighs, around her breasts, tracing its way to her pussy and around to her asshole. Aleura quivered in delight as her Master touched her. Soon ghostly yellow snakes appeared on her brown skin where he had traced his fingers, becoming more solid in shape and form with every passing moment. 

Ysssgkar retraced his clawed finger along the path of her body and began chanting in his native Slethraan tongue. Seraphina shuddered at the evil-sounding words, while Aleura appeared to shudder in pleasure as her Master's clawed finger traversed its way across her flesh. His finger traced its path a third time, twisting around her arms and thighs, breasts, pussy, and asshole, and finally he pulled back, admiring his handiwork. 

Aleura panted in ecstasy as she gazed hungrily into the eyes of her new Master. Yellow snakes coiled their way along her body in the same pattern as Ysssgkar's other slaves, their bright yellow color contrasting nicely against her dark brown flesh. 

The Slethraan high priest turned and pointed to the slave standing next to the obelisk that had enslaved Aleura. "You, bring me a collar," he barked. The gray-skinned slave pushed a button and shortly was kneeling before her Master offering the straight silver snake up to him. 

He held the snake out towards Aleura's neck and it came alive and undulated in excitement. 

"Ssslave, tell me your name."

Aleura wrinkled her brow in concentration for a moment and said with disappointment, "I do not remember, Master." 

"That isss good, ssslave," he said, stroking her cheek gently. She purred in response to his touch. "For Ssslethraa has erasssed all that you were. It mattersss not who you were, for your former life wasss but a pathetic lie. You did not underssstand or acknowledge your placcce in ssservice of your Ssslethraan Massstersss—a terrible sssin!"

"I'm sorry, Master," Aleura began to cry. "Forgive me, please forgive this slave," she begged, her voice overcome with shame. 

"Sssilenccce," he commanded sternly. She immediately stopped her sobbing. "You will make up for it by ssserving me forevermore. But you are not like thessse anonymousss dronesss," he said, gesturing to the nearest gray-skinned slaves. "No one caresss who they are, they all ssserve exactly the sssame. But you are my pleasssure ssslave. You ssserve only me. And a pleasssure ssslave needsss a name before ssshe can ssserve."

He cupped her chin and looked at her, considering her thoughtfully for a moment. "Your name isss Fuckmeat", he said, dropping his hand from her chin in satisfaction. 

"Yes, Master. I am Fuckmeat," she said in agreement. 

With that he let loose the snake and she screamed in orgasmic delight as it coiled around her neck, tightening and sealing itself forever shut. "And now, let'sss get rid of that disssgusting hair. Reverssse the ssswitch, ssslave," he gestured to the gray-skinned slave standing by the statue. She immediately obeyed, flipping the switch in the opposite direction. A thin white beam shot forth from Slethraa's carved eyes, dancing along Aleura's exposed crotch. She whimpered in pain but made no move to resist as the beam of light removed the hair from her crotch and emblazoned Slethraa's mark upon her. 

A short while later the white beam of light ceased its emission from the statue, and the bald flesh above Aleura's pussy was now adorned with the black spiral symbol of Slethraa. Aleura's new Master unclasped her bonds and easily held her aloft by her wrists before gently dropping her to the floor. 

"Worssship your Massster, Fuckmeat."

"Yes, Master," she purred and leapt forward to wrap her lips around his cock as if she had been desperately waiting for this single moment her entire life. She moaned deeply as she took his entire length down her throat, not even gagging as his cock passed the back of her throat and buried itself deep down her air passage. 

As he moaned in pleasure at the attention his cock was receiving, he turned around to one of his other kneeling slaves, the one with the blue snake tattoos. "Hole," he snapped, "worssship your Massster."

"Yes, Master," she purred and crawled behind him, rising on her knees and pulling his ass cheeks apart. She plunged her tongue deep into her Master's asshole, swirling it around and around, moaning in delight as if it was the sweetest nectar she ever tasted. 

"The ballsss, Ssslit," he said, tugging on the leash of the slave with the red tattoos. 

"Yes, Master," she yelped as he yanked her towards him by the leash. She knelt beside Fuckmeat and began to lick and suck on his rubbery reptilian testicles.