Norbert Bisky

Norbert Bisky

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ūüĒ≥Norbert Bisky¬†(born 1970) is a¬†German¬†painter based in¬†Berlin, best known for his¬†frescos¬†depicting adolescents.

His work is greatly influenced by the socialist realism which was the official art of the GDR. 

In recent years he has shifted to darker themes of disaster, disease and decapitation while retaining the consummate painterliness which is the hallmark of his work. His figures, in many cases are floating, falling, tumbling, without any gravitational axis. 

The tumult surrounding the figures is punctuated by the cross pollination of cues from Christian ideology, art history, gay culture, pornography and apocalyptic visions.

Bisky transmits an impression of instability on the canvas that distinctly resonates with our contemporary state of affairs.

Current exhibitions:

Anomie 2018, K√ĖNIG GALERIE, London

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