Node is a revolutionary high-tech start-up, which disrupts a market niche of wireless transmission devices for both private and commercial use. Our innovative developments, research activities in the field of storage and transmission of electricity, allow us to offer solutions that are characterized by high quality and effciency of use.

We are on the final stage of testing of prototype devices. And there is two fundamentally different schemes are being explored and improved upon by our scientists:

In an induction coil or an electric transformer, which have a metal or air core, the energy is transferred by a simple electromagnetic connection called magnetic induction. Using this method, the transmission and reception of energy became feasible at a considerable distance, but to obtain a significant voltage in this way it was necessary to arrange two coils very close to each other.

A magnetic/capacitive resonant coupling is used, where both inductors are tuned to a mutual frequency, so that a considerable amount of energy can be transmitted over a considerable distance.

The essence of the promising technology from Node is the imposition of several electromagnetic waves in the form of impulses of different duration and frequency to each other, after which these waves pass through a special ferroelectric material and an electromagnetic lens from the structured metamaterial.

The substance of the appealing technical innovation from Node is the imposition of several electro-magnetic surf in the form of signals of different length and regularity to each other, after which these surf successfully go through a special ferroelectric content and an electro-magnetic lens from the organized metamaterial.

Advantages of Node technology

• Receiving surfaces (antennas) of any shape

• Absolute protection against dust and moisture

• Energy is transmitted in space ( eld), regardless of the position of the receiver in it.

•¤Energy transfer while the receiver is moving.

• Large distance of energy transfer

Product Development Plan Node

Node is conducting research and will be implemented in the fields of production, construction, agriculture, energy, security and other fields. The following areas are under development.

Automotive, Node will create the Electric Vehicle charging product faster and convenient. its implementation will be safe, environmentally friendly, low cost, simple, and fast charging just like charging in regular gas station.

Wireless Cable Installation, Advantages This product compared to other transmission connectors is usable for unmanned systems as well as industrial robotics.

Health care, Node is actively involved in the research and development of new sensors to determine the non-invasive chemical composition of liquids and media. Using new signal transmission methods through various media and gathering information about these signal changes at different resonance frequencies, it is possible to determine with the precision and quantity of chemical elements and compounds in a given volume. (whitepaper: )


The introduction of wireless power transmission extends the product life cycle, reducing the need for power lines and waste management. Although wireless technology is not created for environmental care purposes, it is certainly effective in this regard and will greatly affect the environment. The impact on external devices and environments, can be ascertained in relation to the ecological type.

Revenue from wireless energy transmission products is estimated at around USD 2.43 billion, the bulk of which is the consumer electronics segment. It is expected that by 2022 the wireless transmission device market will grow to 11.27 billion USD, an increase of 23.15% between 2017 and 2022. In addition, with the help of innovation and innovation in various areas of the industry, it is possible to achieve projected pro t industry in 2024 at a price of 12.43 billion USD.

By 2016, the use of wireless systems is the most common in Asia, North America and Eastern Europe. The plan will sell Node products in the markets of the United States, Europe, China and Japan. Taking into account the above facts, it can be said that investing in the wireless energy transmission industry, with an annual market growth rate of over 20%, is one of the most promising places to increase profits.

Your Investment Opportunity

The NODE token offers a unique opportunity to participate in a revolutionary technological start-up. The current round of the fund raising is aimed at financing the production and organization of marketing and sales for Node’s devices. At this moment, the R & D phase is over, the prototype production and testing stages have been completed. Tests of prototypes demonstrated full compliance with the declared characteristics. The current stage of a development allows to become a member of our ITO campaign now, when risks related to the product’s performance are already smoothed out, and at the same. To Invest Visit Website:



Flexible pad for wireless charging of electronic devices. space outsized surface charging allows you to charge many devices, putting them in terms of terms or maybe each other.

  • Target price ~ $ 9
  • Surface area 300x200mm
  • Transmitted power up to 10W
  • 5V USB power supply


Wireless charging station for desktop placement. Eon provides many charging devices at once and comes with automatic power management.

  • Target price ~ $ 159
  • Transmitted power — up to 150W
  • Power supply-220V
  • Dimensions — 100x70mm


• Pre-ITO

• Start 07.12.201712: 00 UTC + 2

• End 07.01.2018

• Token Price: 1 USD

• Minimum contribution: 10 USD equivalent

• token: 0.75 million pcs.

• Participants receive 50%

(additional 0.5 tokens per each purchased)


• Start 15.02.201812: 00 UTC + 2

• End of 15.04.2018

• Token Price: 1 USD

• Minimum contribution: 10 USD equivalent

The initial participant receives the bonus:

• 1–10 days 30%

• 11–20 days 20%

• 21–30 days 15%

• 31–40 days 10%

Total number of tokens including Pre-ITO: 10 million pcs


All tokens that are unsold and not shared or will be burned




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