NiacinMax - can niacin lower blood pressure

NiacinMax - can niacin lower blood pressure

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Launched in late 2016 to huge PR in British newspapers, NiacinMax is unlike any other niacin supplement on the market. Its scientifically formulated, bio structured niacin and unique, dissolving delivery system increases blood oxygen flow by up to 50% and HGH (human growth hormone) levels by over 600%, making it 45 times more effective than any other niacin supplement. Its powerful effect on physical performance means NiacinMax holds significant appeal to athletes and anyone involved in sports and fitness, while its significant impact on HGH levels makes it a must-promote product to bodybuilders and strength-trainers. The increasing demand for supplements that enhance physical performance means sports nutrition is rapidly becoming one of the most lucrative niches in affiliate marketing. NiacinMax promises outstanding results, is backed by real science, numerous studies, media coverage and striking branding that will easily attract your site visitors.

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