Dear Winding Tree Community,

as you've likely heard we announced our partnership with Lufthansa Group this week. They have both partaken in the token presale and will be providing their inventory on the Winding Tree platform. Having such a supplier on board is a key milestone for Winding Tree, as it will allow us to build infrastructure which is truly scalable. For context, Lufthansa Group had total revenues of $31 Billion in 2016 and transported a total of 109 Million passengers. We are working on closing more partnerships of the same caliber, and are in the final stages with a handful of travel suppliers.

For some news coverage see:

As you may have already noticed we also updated how one can contribute in our token presale. We removed the 5 ETH minimum contribution to allow anyone to participate, regardless of contribution amount. We also moved from a written and signed SAFT to an online contribution SAFT where you can simply agree to the terms and send your contribution live via our website. See: For a guide on how to purchase Ether please see:

If you are considering partaking in the presale please be sure you do so by sending funds from a wallet you own the private keys to. If you send funds from Coinbase or an exchange, you will not be able to retrieve your Lif tokens. DO NOT SEND FUNDS FROM COINBASE OR AN EXCHANGE. We recommend using: For a guide on how to buy Ethereum

As we move closer to our TGE date, we are happy to announce that we've already on-boarded two new developers who are already working on the Winding Tree platform and smart tokens.

We thank you for your support and are happy to answer any questions you may have in our social channels!


Winding Tree Team