n Pt. 00: Lana

n Pt. 00: Lana

Lana's reflection grimaced back at her as she halfheartedly held a "sexy" pose. Despite the changing rooms being empty, she still felt slightly embarrassed about performing something so vulgar in a public space. Turning away, she sighed and adjusted her cycling shorts. No matter how tight she pulled them, she simply did not have any sort of a figure.

Concave and toned, her rear set a pretty good example of what to expect from the rest of her body. She stood atop a pair of skinny legs, hugged from the knees upward by a pair of black lycra shorts. Almost indistinguishable from each other, her hips and waist gave way to a washboard stomach that was covered by a pink cycling vest. Only the faintest outline of breasts existed atop the material, to the point where she hardly even bothered to wear a bra anymore.

Rounded shoulders gave way to a stick-like neck and a pale, narrow face framed by flaming orange bangs topped by a cute pixie cut. Whether the orange complemented the neon pink of her vest or not, she couldn't bring herself to care. A loud fit of giggling interrupted her introspections and Lana looked at the floor as a pair of dark-haired women walked into the changing rooms. Lana's eyes flickered up for a moment, noting the bulges between their legs before blushing and looking down at the floor as they passed her.

Bronze, tanned legs shining with a light sheen of sweat strode past her and the wonderful, sweet smell of a futa's musk tickled her nose. Glistening with moisture, the two amazons towered over Lana. Her head was barely level with their breasts and their presence only made her feel smaller.

"That was a great workout babe!" the one on the right cheered, "but I can't wait to hit the shower." Sliding a hand between her friend's thighs, the other leaned into her friend and grabbed a handful of her ample ass. "I can't wait either," she muttered, just loud enough for Lana to hear, "you look so good when you're soaking wet and pressed against that shower wall."

With another loud giggle, the pair jogged in the direction of the showers, leaving Lana blushing and more than a little aroused. A little bump pushed against the crotch area of her shorts, the evidence of her own gender barely larger than the tip of someone's pinky. Sighing wistfully, she grabbed a towel and headed out into the gym. With all these busty beauties around, no one would take any notice of her arousal. Size was everything when it came to futas and even when she was fully erect, Lana was smaller than most anyone else erect.

One of the most expensive in the city, Roxy's Gym was more than exclusive. The pristine temple of fitness and strength was home to the biggest, the strongest and the most athletic members of New London's population. There wasn't a woman or futa in here who was under six feet(182cm) tall and Lana stuck out like a sore thumb. Standing at four foot, ten inches, she was literally a David among goliaths. 

There must be a more feminine comparison...the thought bugged her for but a moment as she made her way over to the treadmills. A few pairs of eyes followed her across the floor, new members who hadn't been here long were still offended by her presence in their sanctuary. People like that never held on to their membership for long, Roxy made sure of that.

Roxy; the only reason that Lana could hold a membership in the most exclusive of exclusive fitness centres. Her and the towering woman had been friends for as long as Lana could remember, probably since pre-school or something like that. Opening the gym had always been Roxy's dream, whilst Lana had always desired to run her own business. It had made sense to embark on this venture together, and five years later the two of them had more money than they knew what to do with. Sponsorships, ad campaigns, celebrity clientele. All of it had helped to shape Roxy's Gym into the monument it was today.

Smiling politely, the regular members greeted her warmly as she walked past. They knew that Lana was a pivotal part in the running of the gym, and treated her with almost as much respect as they did Roxy. Almost. Behind their smiles, Lana could see the pity on their faces. Most of them had tried to coach Lana at some point, tried to help her gain even a little size. Medical conditions meant that her body couldn't hold onto nutrients long enough to build any additional muscle and only just long enough to maintain her delicate frame. Honestly, she was bordering a BMI that would start to impact her health. Protein shakes with a high-calorie density combined with tough foods gave her just enough energy to go running a few times a week, but she had to be careful not to overexert herself otherwise.

Everyone who visited Roxy's gym was a freak of human evolution, be they woman or futanari. Hell, they had an Instagram account labelled *amazons_irl* and the name still didn't do some of the models justice. Thus, the gym reflected that fact. All the equipment was oversized, designed for people two or three times the size of the average person as a minimum. Level with her forehead, the controls of the treadmill beeped in acknowledgement as she stepped onto a running belt as wide as a small car.

"Three-minute warmup to a pace of six kilometres per hour," she instructed, throwing her towel over the arm of the large machine, "begin program."

Beeping once more in acknowledgement, the treadmill jerked to life. Rolling smoothly, the black belt pushed Lana towards the edge until she began to stride forward, quickly matching her own pace to that of the machine. All of the kit in Roxy's gym was cutting edge equipment, secured by expensive and exclusive contracts with the best manufacturers available. A few minutes later and Lana was jogging at a steady pace, focusing on the sound of her heartbeat, letting it drown out her insecurities even if just for a short while.

Blocking out the lights to her right, a familiar figure leant on the side of Lana's treadmill. Intimidating to those who did not know her, Roxy smiled kindly down at her friend. Hitting the stop button, Lana craned her neck to look up at the blonde's face. Roxy was eight and a half feet tall with shoulders wider than Lana was tall. Smooth muscle adorned her frame in amounts that would have put all but the largest of bodybuilders to shame. "Ripped" wouldn't have been quite right if you had asked Lana to describe Roxy. No veins or stretch marks were visible on the blonde's body and her muscles rose and fell in smooth hills rather than jagged mountains. The absence of an equally large bulge between her legs identified Roxy simply as an extraordinary woman.

Lana had no idea how she did it. Somehow her gigantic companion maintained a level of body fat that allowed her to look like both a contender for Ms Olympia and a lingerie model at the same time. Mind you, the watermelons attached to her chest probably helped with that. Shaking her head, Lana stopped appraising Roxy and took her earphones out. It was hard to not compare herself to those around her, especially when society held such high standards for futanari.

"...hey you listening?" Roxy's voice filtered in as Lana dragged her mind back to reality. "Sorry," she apologised, "I was miles away. What were you saying?"

Folding her arms, Roxy sighed in exasperation. "You've been spacing out a lot recently," she commented, "anyways. I've got a new treatment for you, the nerds at the lab have been working with your doctor and they think this could help with your metabolism. Twenty...third? Time lucky, I think?"

It was Lana's turn to sigh. Every month Roxy poured a considerable amount of cash into research projects designed to help her scrawny friend with her situation. From pills to disgusting herbal blends, nothing had worked and in one case she had ended up in the hospital for a few days. No matter how much Lana insisted, however, Roxy would not stop searching for some new chemical compound or technology to help her.

Forcing the grin which Roxy expected came out as more of a grimace. She stepped off of the treadmill and found herself face to face with Roxy's belt buckle. Her sour expression stared back at her from within the polished metal. "What is it this time?" she asked, more to the belt than to her friend, "please don't say injections, the bruises from the last ones haven't quite faded."

"Nothing that unpleasant," Roxy shrugged her massive shoulders, "although they said it don't taste too great. Instant results, though, apparently." Scepticism crept in underneath the hopeful, cheery tones of Roxy's warm voice. They'd been trying to find a "cure" for over two years now. Multiple laboratories had told them that it was hopeless, this one just the last in a long line of them. In truth, Lana had given up after the sixteenth attempt but kept going along with it for Roxy's sake. Being unable to fix a problem was not something that the gentle giantess was accustomed to dealing with, and she cared about Lana a little too much, truth be told.

"There's a box on your desk," Roxy continued, "a month's worth of product plus instructions on how to use it. I'm gonna be out of town for a couple weeks so just send me a text if you get any results, 'kay?"

"Will do," Lana nodded, looking up at her friend and offering her a sincere smile. Amidst all the pity and bullying she received, it was nice to have such a loyal friend. "Good luck with that new equipment deal, and enjoy your holiday."

Roxy bent down and crushed Lana in a bearhug, the latter struggling to breathe and she found her head smothered by the former's mammoth breasts. "You take care," Roxy murmured, "it will get better, promise."


Half an hour later, Lana stepped into the gym's office dressed in a slate-coloured pencil dress. Tailored for her small stature, the dress clung tightly to her featureless body down to the middle of her thighs. Slightly frizzy, her fiery orange hair was the only evidence of her earlier workout. Hazelnut eyes swept the office for any sign of movement, but it was way past finishing time and everyone else had gone home. As far as offices went, this one was pretty typical. Grey carpet only a few shades lighter than her dress gave way to white walls and dividers which formed a few cubicles.

Decorated similarly, her own office was adjacent to Roxy's and had a much smaller door. A small box sat atop the pine desk in the otherwise uncluttered room. The smell of cheap polish made it clear that the cleaner had already finished for the night, as Lana's was the last office she cleaned, often cleaning around Lana herself when she worked late nights on the gym's accounts.

Opening the box revealed a folded a4 sheet of paper and four sealed foil packets no bigger than a snack bar. Unfolding the sheet of paper, Lana read aloud:

"Instructions for use: Step one, measure one teaspoon of powder into five-hundred millilitres of water and mix well. Step two, drink the mixture as fast as possible. Try to drink it all in one sitting if possible. Step three, in the hour after drinking the mixture, ingest as many calories as possible. Step four, after an hour has passed, begin workout as this will trigger the activation stage. Step five, instant results should occur within ten to fifteen minutes of workout."

"What the fuck is this garbage?" Lana rolled her eyes but kept reading.

"Tips: For best the best results, calories ingested during step three should be as high in protein and carbohydrates as possible. The types of food consumed will affect the results. Additionally, the more strenuous the workout, the more effective the mixture will be during the activation stage. Finally, some side effects are likely, please do not panic. as nothing in this mixture is toxic and will not harm you in any way.



"Useless." Lana sighed. "I dread to think how much money Roxy wasted on this." Still, she was going to have to at least try it out. Even if it is pointless, it wouldn't be fair to Roxy if I didn't at least try it. But tomorrow, I'm tired.

It had been a long day in the office, and her workout had left her more tired than usual. With a scowl etched into her soft face, she flicked off the lights and tottered out of the office, the box of whatever-it-was under her arm. Traffic on the way home due to an accident only further soured her mood and she was asleep almost as soon as she hit the pillow that night.

Obnoxious rays of light poking through the gaps in her blinds woke her up a good hour before her alarm should have gone off. Wincing as she sat up, Lana rubbed her neck. It was knotted and sore, she must have slept on it funny. Glancing down at her phone, Lana groaned and flopped back down onto her bed.

Six forty-five. Way too early to be awake. Feeling more awake than she should be for this time of the morning, Lana decided against going back to sleep. Instead, rising and heading in the general direction of the bathroom. Shadows of strange dreams fogged her mind. Dreams of looking down upon the world, like a giant made into a god with a cock the size of-Her thoughts cut off abruptly as her minute member flared with morning wood, poking a soft dent in her grey panties.

Most futas wore specially designed underwear. Most futas weremore than a few times larger than she was. Cock and balls together, she was still small enough to wear regular panties. Turning the hot tap all the way around, Lana stripped as she waited for the shower to warm up, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Nope, still the same. Her dreams hadn't caused her to magically grow. Silently, she cursed her own optimism whilst simultaneously glaring at her crotch.

No more than three inches long, her member pointed defiantly up towards the ceiling as if it were mocking her. Pale and creamy, just like the rest of her. Foreskin covered the whole length, even when she was fully erect, making a cute little rocket shape that had two equally smooth testes clinging to the bottom. Grape-sized, the two orbs didn't even have enough weight to hang. They clung tightly to the base of her shaft as if they were afraid to let go. Not a single hair adorned her genitals or the rest of her body for that matter. She'd never had to shave, just another byproduct of her condition.

Steam began to curl around the room, fogging up the mirror and inviting Lana to step into the scalding hot embrace of the shower. She obliged. The water bordered on painfully hot, just the way she liked it. Time seemed of no consequence as she stood under the constant fall of water. Unable to tell whether it had been ten minutes or an hour, Lana blinked out of her trance and stepped out the shower, grabbing a towel on her way out of the bathroom.

Seven fifteen. Lana scowled at her bedside clock. She had intended to kill time by taking a long shower before getting ready for work, but it seemed that this morning was intent on dragging itself out as long as possible. Two hours left before she'd have to leave for work. Tossing around various ideas as to how to kill time, Lana rummaged through her wardrobe. Pulling out a grey tank top and a pair of baggy sweatpants, she tossed them on the bed and finished toweling herself dry.

Brown and unremarkable, the box from containing Roxy's latest "solution" to her smaller friend's situation sat on the table where she'd left it last night. Pulling out the instructions once again, Lana struggled to contain a tiny glimmer of hope. *What if this one works?* it whispered, caressing her insecurities softly. Last night's dreams floated around her groggy mind for a few moments before she snorted. Sweeping the thoughts away, she dropped the paper on the table and took out one of the foil packets. 

"Alexa, boil the kettle." She commanded. "Boiling kettle." The reply came a moment later and the low roar of bubbling water rose in volume as Lana busied herself retrieving a flask from one of her kitchen's many cupboards. Decorated in a modern style, whites and greys dominated Lana's minimalist apartment. Open plan, for the most part, her kitchen opened into a large living room decorated with a single grey rug and a large corner sofa. Light filtered through the blinds that covered the double glass doors. There was a balcony out there, but it was too early to face the sunlight.

Digging a tablespoon into a pot of coffee, Lana emptied two heaps into the flask followed by a spoon of sugar and two spoons of vanilla protein powder. It was her normal morning routine, her pre-breakfast kick. Protein powder was added only on the days where she decided that she was going to the gym.

Ripping open the foil packet, she scooped out a heaped teaspoon of the Maxigain powder and dumped it into her flask. Sniffing the packet, Lana frowned at the odourless powder. It was grey and had the consistency of colour. She just hoped that it didn't taste as vile as some of the supplements she had tried before. With a click, the kettle finished boiling and the sound roar of boiling water faded into the tranquil silence of her apartment.

Lana looked down at the mixture in her sleek black flask. It looked like and smelled like coffee with a hint of vanilla. Taking a cautious sip, she swished the mixture around in her mouth before swallowing with a neutral expression. The Maxigain must have also been tasteless because her morning coffee tasted exactly the same as it should. Shrugging to herself, Lana downed the rest of the drink like a champion beer chugger. Something she'd been pretty competitive at during her uni days.

Might as well get this over with. The instructions had said to consume as much as possible in the hour after drinking the concoction. For Lana, that wasn't a great deal. She could manage maybe another protein shake and a protein bar or two before she was full to bursting. She would drive over to the gym and eat on the way.

Ten minutes later, she pulled out onto the nearly-empty main road outside of her apartment blocks and hit her first red light of the day. Two ready mixed protein shakes and a couple of chocolate protein bars sat on the passenger seat. A black dress hung from the back of the passenger seat and the rest of her work stuff was on the back seat of her Audi. Scowling at the long line of traffic leading up to the latest set of roadworks, Lana grabbed the first shaker and took a few gulps, working the thick mixture down her gullet through force of will. God, she hated the chocolate flavour. Beeping obnoxiously, the navigation on her car's screen updated with a new ETA; forty-seven minutes.

Rolling her eyes, Lana slid down her seat a little and continued to sip the protein shake, frowning slightly at the loud gurgling sounds her tummy made...