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Health & Fitness

Michael Thomas
I want to live a long life, free of sickness. I honor my body physically by taking great take care of it through exercise, supplements and proper diet.

The Simple Secret

  • Get Slim from Diet. Get Fit from Exercise.
  • Specifically: LC/HF + IF + HIT (Low-CarbHigh-Fat dietIntermittent FastingHigh Intensity Training).


  • Have a goal of "zero carb". It's not possible, because there are hidden carbs everywhere. But if shoot for "low" carb you'll end-up with more than you expect.
  • High fat. Yes, really. Lot's of fatty meat (ribeye, burnt ends, bacon, butter etc).
  • Low to medium amount of protein.

16/8 Intermittent Fasting

This means no food for 16 hours straight, and only eating within the remaining 8 hour window. Try to slowly increase to 18/6 and even 20/4.


This is all you need: Kettlebells

The Kettlebell Swing

  • Use for aerobic conditioning. I do 60 continuous swings with a 48kg kettlebell, five days a week.

The Kettlebell Get-Up

  • Kettlebell Get-Ups - for all-body strength. I do three Get-Ups per side with a 48kg kettlebell, five days a week.

Forearm Exercises

Zenith 1 Gripper from IronMind
NSD Power Essential Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser
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