Gogolev Aleksandr

This tests were made by IPhone 5 and Sony Xperia Z1 compact.

I found the following bugs:

Bug 1.

When you listening a voice message on Android by putting the phone to your ear, the application automaticaly starts to record a voice message after listening.

На видео не видно как гаснет экран когда прикладываешь телефон к уху. Запись начинается сразу после прослушивания сообщения.

Bug 2.

After entering a large enough message, I decided to select all the text, after which the application hung. But phone still working. After about 5-10 seconds, the application crashed. The next time I logged in, I was offered to report an error and the application could not update the information and connect to the network.

Trying to highlight

The phone works and the application is hanging

Restarting the app

Bug 3: I did not find the third bug, but I'm sure that I will improve my skills if I have more practice.

Ideas for Telegram

Idea 1: Finding channels for a key query.

The idea is to add the function of finding channels by using keywords. Channel administrators will be able to enter up to three keywords in the description of their channel, which most closely describe its subject matter (for example, for a music channel, this could be #music, #business or #books). This will allow users without leaving Telegram to find channels for their hobbies and needs. Also, the ease of finding channels will attract new users who are not "geeks".

Idea 2: Built-in translation of messages.

The essence of the idea is that a person could instantly translate a message without leaving the application. You can download the general dictionary to save traffic. This will attract people who do not understand the technology and who do not want to download the second application in order to follow your favorite channels. Users will be able to participate in the improvement of the translation.

Мгновенный перевод сообщений

Idea 3: Selected posts and a list for reading.

You can add favorite posts to your favorites, which you can later view or read in your spare time. Favorites can be sorted by thematic folders that you can create. It's not always convenient to search for information you like about hash tags and therefore it can be easily lost. Much more convenient if you can add to favorites in two clicks.

Thematic folders

Favourites posts

I really want to change the world with the best team ever. In any case, I'm glad that I participated in the improvement of Telegram.