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👉 use this format to   search movies

#request #moviename #language #year #file size

📌 1. Only group themes and related subjects are allowed in the group. Strictly avoid the external things.

📌 2. Send a single message without sending a message as line by line. Sending messages will be deleted as spam.

📌 3. Theater print(DVDscr,Cam rip,) will not be posted here.

📌 4. Bad expressions are not allowed. Deal with all the members of the group.

 📌 5. Before searching for the group, you must search for it. It will be advised for people without searching in the group.

👉Two ways you can search in the group. One in chat and another for shared media.


How to search movies on group👇👇👇


NB--Use this format to request movies 

#request #movie name #language #year #file size

Other wise we will not accept your request...

By breaking one of the rules you can find yourself KICKED out of the group

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