Traditional marketing is in trouble. Consumers are mobile-centric or mobile only, are tired of endless email campaigns

(spam!), don’t see the value in customer loyalty and operate in a world where there are no longer any borders between

the physical and digital world. Companies are finding it increasingly hard to reach these customers effectively, but their

tools to do so are simply inefficient and not fit for purpose. According to recent technology adoption research we

commissioned with Forrester, even large digital transformation projects fail to deliver better ways to engage with the

modern customers efficiently.

Watch the Webinar with Forrester here:

Today’s consumer is all about convenience, endless information and social influence. Their mobile phone and the services

it provides are integral to their life. When looking for information, something to buy or places to go, their mobile phone is

the first destination and the opinion of the community and especially their friends significantly influences their thoughts

and decisions.

This is a major challenge, but also an incredible opportunity for companies –

What if you could engage with the people that are most relevant for you, at the right time, the right location, in

the right moment, in a way that fits seamlessly in their lives?

And what if your loyal customers would happily carry out that engagement for you, with the people they know

and understand?

This is where MobileBridge comes in – using a sophisticated combination of data, mobile messaging, indoor and outdoor

geo-location, personalisation and loyalty capabilities, we can target the right customers and drive higher conversion with

remarkable results. 

Momentum Eco-system

-B2C apps like: loyalty app, wallets, points exchange and many more.

-Intelligent Middleware running on the Momentum Protocol. Different software plugin’s can work with this layer. Our own loyalty & rewards plugin MobileBridge is already connected.

-Momentum Protocol is the global standard for tokenized loyalty programs.

-Excisting blockchain fundament, the base of Momentum.

Momentum re-invents the way

we build customer relationships

Our eco-system enables companies to easily transfer their loyalty and reward programs onto the blockchain and transform the way they attract and retain customers in ways never before possible.


-A smart contract platform and toolbox to tokenise any loyalty program and put it onto the blockchain.

-A marketplace for middleware, applications, plugins and SDK's, built on top of the Momentum Infrastructure Protocol.

-A utility token, the Momentum Token (MMTM) to power our infrastructure and solutions.

-A global partnership network that collaborates to set the protocol standards for tokenised loyalty and rewards programs and implements solutions globally

Drive Loyalty innovation around core Protocol capabilities.

The Momentum Token (MMTM)

Momentum is a utility token and

will be used in four different ways:

-A rewards and loyalty token. It is used to reward consumers for their attention, business, brand advocacy and data insights.

-A 'gateway' token. The Momentum Token enables consumers to convert company branded loyalty rewards into Momentum Tokens, which in turn can be exchanged for other reward tokens or crypto-currencies.

-A platform payment currency - companies running solutions on the Momentum Protocol will pay for it in Momentum Tokens.

-A crypto-currency. An encrypted, decentralised digital currency, holding value and transferred between peers.

Innovation powered by Momentum.


Our Vision

Introducing decentralised 1:1 blockchain driven marketing

Even in its own right, the current MobileBridge platform is a solution that is gaining great traction in the market and we are

looking at strong growth in 2018. Even without the introduction of the MobileBridge Momentum, we expect to multiply

our revenue by at least 4-5 times compared to last year.

As the market continues to develop, we will continue to evolve our platform strategically. We have seen in the current

version of our platform, that incentivising consumers to take certain actions, using gamification or rewarding customers

with discounts or loyalty points has been a very successful and disruptive concept.

Over the years, we have continuously tried to capture the concept of the ‘value’ that we bring to our clients:

 What is the value of converting someone from a visitor to our store or website, into a buyer?

 What can we earn extra when a consumer comes to our store, rather than let them shop solely online? How

much is that visit worth for us?

 How much can we save for companies if we help them sell to an existing customer, compared to acquiring a new


 What is the value of adding a new potential customer to a companies’ target audience?

 What value do we get out of a positive review? Aa video review?

If marketers could really understand the ‘value’ for a customer’s attention, business, brand advocacy and data insights,

they could pro-actively decide what investment they should or could make to realise it. For example, if you know what

amount of money you could make on each customer coming into store, you would also know how much you could spend

on marketing to get that particular customer into store.

Why the Momentum?

Momentum Token (MMTM) is the token that powers the Momentum Infrastrucutre Protocol. The demand for the Momentum will be fueled by the ever-increasing demand for the token as transactions on the Momentum Protocol continue to increase. Why?

The Momentum Infrastucture Protocol is the 'first of a kind'. A truly disruptive, rewards based eco-system that stands out and sets a new standard.

Through the useage of blockchain the middle man like the agency is cut out which benefits the consumer and gives them higher value of rewards.

The Momentum Protocol allows the launch of 1000s of individual reward programs, all fuelled by the Momentum Token.

Any existing loyalty or rewards program can easily be integrated onto the Blockchain.

Industry experts and seasoned marketing, software and retail leaders share our vision that this will fundamentally change an industry.

Our team has significant experience in building some of the world’s leading digital products and solutions for companies globally.

A self-regulated approach minimises the risk for any owner of the Momentum token.

Setting a Global standard for tokenised loyalty and reward programs.

Management team with proven track record

Our advisors bring technology, marketing and crypto expertise.


The Momentum platform is built on Ethereum blockchain and uses the Momentum utility token both as a means of exchange within the platform, meaning particularly that all the payments for the platform services are conducted using this token, and as an incentive and reward for the loyal customers, particularly, for the user’s activities related to brands’ promotion, sharing information, and providing reviews.

Momentum, a blockchain based token, is an elegant way to ease the transactions between parties on the platform and provide customers with quick and easy understanding of the value. It provides data transparency and allows for full data ownership for the end user.

This overview is really just scratching the surface of the complex system. For information about the project's roadmap, more real-life examples of Momentum in action and in the technical details please visit their website and read the whitepaper, links to which you can find below.

Also, please check out Momentum token sale and bounty program if you are interested. This project promises to be truly disruptive for the industry, it has huge potential for investors, users and clients.

Would you be interested in participating in such a project? What kind of offers would sway you most? How often do you take advantage of vouchers and promotions? Please tell me in the comments section.



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