mom fucked by my friends dad

mom fucked by my friends dad


Hi tHis is raju and tHis is tHe story ofmy mom How sHe got fucked Hard by my friends mom name is velamma sHe is a extreme Hot women sHe is 38 yrs old yet sHe is Hot sHe is a typical soutHindian lady Having size of 36-38-44 and Her boobs are big melons of size 36g and are Huge in size round and Her waist is Hot witH some curves and Her ass are Huge and it jiggles wHen sHe walks and sHe is very wHitisH in colour and Her lips are so sexy and pink in colour sHe Had very long Hair wHicH makes Her so sexy all tHe men over our area are fans of my mom tHey are all dying to fuck Her body many of tHem flirt witH mom but sHe never crosses Her limits sHe is more devoted to my works in abudabi He rarely visits us comes yearly once and will be witH us for 3 montHs and alll tHe nigHts i hear tHe Hard fucking of mom and dad He slams momday and nigHt i Have Heared tHe moans of mom and Have mastrubated many times otHer tHan tat time mom Have never Have fuck but i can surely tell tat Her body needs a goood fuck everyday but sHe Have rejected many offers of Her fans many were of age 40-60 uncles.i Have dreamed How would be an affair of an unknown man would Help mom and my lusty tHougHt over moms body.

I hAVE A FRIEND named sanju He is a gud guy and we sHare many ideas abt sex and we Have fucked many girls in our college and He is also like me His fatHer is Sundar He is also a good man but He lost His wife 10yrs back and He is also single and He is also involved in sex life for years He is a tall guy and good body good sHape He is a manual worker and He works for daily wages He also works in our House many times and He is very Helpful guy He Had gud contact witH mom .Once He visited our House for some manual work cleaning tHe House and i was sHocked witH His activity mom wore an nigHtie wHite in colour Her boobs are Huge and easily visible bulge and sundar uncle is wearing an towel wHicH is sHort and torn He was seemed to be Helping mom in kitcHenand i watcHed Him staring at moms cleavge aand Her Hot body He looks Her body in a lusty manner and mom never noticed it He is raping Her on His sigHt itself and i Hav an idea wHy not tHis man fuck mom and Have affair witH my mom.AFTER workmom gave food to Him and He enjoyed meals and moms Hot body now mom gave Him some money and He left tHe Home and went to bar and i Hav followed Him and we reached a bar and i met Him and strated cHat witH Him and we bougHt an black dog wHiskey and after&rounds He is still steady and now He opened His motH and tHanked me for tHe costly drink and He started to blabber some bad words and now i asked Him abt my mom and He told me tat Hey buddy if i married ur mom i wont let HHer lik ur dad i would fuck Her 24 Hrs a day and would pound Her pusssy and would fill my cum inside Her womb all time.but ur dad is a waste.i suddendly asked Him if He gets a cHance to fuck mom wat would u do .... and He replied me i would pound Her pusssy till it gets sore and would make Her needs come true and i told Him to fuck Her any time and He agreed for tis and asked me How could mom accept it and i told Him to be very close and affectinate and sHe will be yours and tat day onwards sundar visited our House daily and He just all time flirted witH mom and now botH ca now He removed moms skirt me close one day after work He was batHing in tHe ouside tHe House batHroom in towel and now mom came near on seeing mom Hiscock came Hard now His towel get down and momwas sHocked to see His Huge anaconda wow is so huge and dark 11incHes and 4 incH girtH and His ball sare Huge and swollen witH lots os cum is so Huge mom was amazed to see His pytHon on seeing tis sundar smiled at mom.He kept on batHindg nude and mom came inside Home smiling and now sundar worn His lungi and went inside my mind started to njoy aand told tat its time for sundar to fuck mom and now mom brougHt tHe food for sunadar and tHe meals are Heavy cHicHen gravy and brinjal kostHu and drumstick wHicH is an natural vaigra and mom kept it to Him sHe was smiling at Him and sundar eat all tHe drumstick and now mom kept some more and He told Her no no its enougH and mom smiled at Him and told tat its good for ur body and sundar Had known tHe meaning and He smiled and told Her tat it would trouble Him witH sexual tHoughts and disrub my mind and He told tat if i eat tem i would want to fuck any women wer would i go for mom smiled at sundar under stood it and asked mom How His cock looked like and mom smiled at it and sHe replied Him ata He is a sHme less man and He told Her tatvelamma i aHve a msg for u i was looking for a best day to teell u tat.....i luv u my dear.....i would make an relationsHip witHu and now mom tpld Him tat sHe is married and He told Her tat i will tHeir affair would be a secret and would enjoy tHe affair and make u Happier and would satisfy Her needs now mom agreed and smiled at Him now mom asked Himm to come inside tHe bed room and He follwed Her now mom closed tHe door and i went near tHe wimdow and peeped inside and i was sHocked to see tat sundar is kissing mom in Her foreHead and He now started to kiss Her lips amd liplocked Her and romancing witH mom i would tell tat sundar is very fast and eager to fuck a women and now He is enjoying a beauty like mom He would never get a cHance to fuck sucH a beauty and He now sucked moms lips and darnk tHe Honey now He told mom iluv u lot vela and mom kissed Him and told Him me ttoo sunadr .

now He removed moms saree and was sHocked to see Her clevage and npw He removed tHe blouse and now mom is wearing a wHitwebra and is Hanging tHose Hyge melons and now He removed tHe bra and He was Hsocked to see tHose melons and is round and HHuge Her areola is balckisH and is like bis round and Her nipples are darka and big like an grape and is so exy now He started to press tHose Huge melons very Hard and mom started moaning aHaHaHHAHaHoHoHoHoHoHoHoHoHoHoHoHoHoHHO and now He started to suck botH melons and bite tHose nipples and darnk milk out tHose melons moms body was trembling in njoy and sHe moaned like a slut and sundar pressed and sucked tHose Huge melons and He manhandled tHose Huge melons for Half an Hour and now He removed moms skirt and now moms sexy Hips witH some curves are visible and sHe is wearing an black panty and now He removed tHe panty and moms Hairy pussy is visible and is full of Hairs and is sexy to see now He spanked on tHose fatty ass and now mom is full nude in fraont of a man otHer taHn dad for tHe first sundar removed His lungi and His big pytHon is ready to fuck moms pussy and now Her removed tHe Hairpin over moms Hair and now mom is so sexy in loose Hair now He told mom to kneel down and mom kneeled and now He removed tHe fore skin of His penis and mom ws sHocked to see sucH an monster for tHe first time and was Happy to get fucked by an monster cock and now He plucked moms Hair and inserted His cock inside moms moutH and now He fucked insid etHe tHroat mom started gagging only Half of tHe cock went iside moutH and now He fucked inside moutH moms was suffocated and sHe started cougHing and gaggingnow beacuse of tHe soft ness a huge load of cum is eajced by His cock and moms moutH is filled witH Huge load of cum and He told Herbto drink it mom darnk it like aslut now He took mom in Hand and dropped on tHe bed and now He jumped over mom and now He started to press and suck tHose melons He bite tHose nipples mom is maoning i pleasure aHaHaHhAhaHHAhaHhAhaHhaHHaHaHHaHHAHAhhA and now He licked all over moms body and now cam near Her milky tHigHs and kissed over it and now licked all over and came near Her Hairy pussy and now moms smell made Him wild and now He licked moms pusssy and told Her tHat tis pussy ois for me forever and now He rubbed His cock and is already erect and now He sucked tHose melons and now He preseed His cock slowly inside moms pussy and maom moaned in pain aHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaa ohoHOHOHoHoHOHOhooHOoHOoHOHOHOH and now He is pusHing His big cock inside moms pussy Harder and slowly started to fuck mom and Half of cock is inside and now He incraesed tHe speed of His fucking and now started to pound moms pussy Hard and tree fortH of His cock is inside and moms sHouted aHaHhAHaHHaHhaHaHhAHAHaHAHHaHAHHa ysyysyysysysysyysysysyysysysysyysys ufckfuck me fuckme fuck me ufckmeyayyayayayyayayayyya and He stated tio pound Her pussy in missionary position and mom sHouted aHaHaHaHHaHHaHaHHaHaHaHaHaHHAHa and now after 15 min moms sHouted and squirted a lot and sHe is squirt in alot and now is easy of His cock and now full cock is insoide moms pusssy and His cock must aHve reacHed moms womb and after 45 min of rougH fuck mom Had squirted &times but now sundar body is sHivering and now He kissed mom and sHouted aaHaHhAHHA also mom sHouted aHhAHaHhaHaHhaHaHHHA yayyayyayayayyyayyayyayayayyayyyayyayayayayya and botH reacHed oragsm and now He kissed and pressed moms boobs and now moms pussy is oozing a Huge load of cum of tHem and definitely mom would become pregnat because tHe cum must gHave raeched Her womb diretly into Her womb after some rsetHe fucked mom updon and cwboy postion and many otHer postion and He sucked and pressd Her melons veery rougH He fucked Her for Hours and and relesed lot of cum inside Her pussyifelt some sleepy and i went in after some time moms moaned loudly i saw i but botH r missin g now yHe voice came frm batHroom now i coulkd see sundar is sHaving moms pusssy Hairs and moms pink pussy is very sexy to see and aHve swollen red beacuse of Hard pounding now He licked tHatHt pusssy and now fucked Her in doggy style very Hardly it sound s tatatatatatattatatatatatttapataptaokataktaktaktaktaktoktotkotkotkotoktoktoktoktoktoktoktokt and mom sHouted aHhAhhAHAHaHHaHaHHAHA and ten botH batHed insid etHe batHH tub and fucked inside it for some time came out He fucked Hwer ass Hole Hard and stretcHed it and spanlked Her aftty ass and smaked all over Her body He manhandled Her boobs and sucked it all day He fucked mom so Hard so many all tHrougH tHe nigHt and i could see mom in Her bed full nude all Her Holes were cum spilled all Her bed sHeet is of sundar cum mom is so tired He fucked Her all nigHt in many positions and emptied all His 10 yrs lust over moms boady He enjoyed moms body and mom also got a fuck of Her life ver nxt ady also He styaed in and fucked momi watcHed tHougH out witHout His knowledge He is fucking mom like Her Husband botH of tHem Had an affair and He fucked mom daily like His wife and after intense fucking mom enjoyed it lik a slut and after 3 mon mom Had amennorHea and sHe reacHed doctor and found tat sHe is pregnant aborted and tHen after 6 mon sHe Had tHe smae fucking session and now sHe got pregnant and doctor advised Her not to abort mom Hav e missed tHe pills and sHe is really pregnant tHen sHe ran away frm our Home witH all tHe money and jewels botH went abroad and i aHv cam know mom is pregnat witH & montHa witH tHe usg scan sHowing triplets in side Her womb and sHe gave birtH to tem sunadr drank alla milk from Her melons and He fucked and enjoyed mom and now mom is pregnat now also sunadr never went to work all time fucking mom and sucking Her melons and drinking milk now mom is not my mom sHe is wife of sunadr tey lived and fucked togetHer.......................................

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