MODULE (MODL) – An innovative blockchain platform, based on PoSTT! Proof of Space, Time and Transaction

The Module is a blockchain-based platform offering an asset of free mobile device storage. Module platform allows users to mine and rent unused GB even from small portable devices, which means that any mobile phone owner will be able to participate in the Module business and earn.

For People

Do you have free GB on your mobile phone?

Contribute them to the Module network and receive a reward in MODL tokens. Anyone can supply the network with unused GB on their device, tablet, laptop or PC and earn when others use this storage.

For Blockchain community

Ready to start your own application or blockchain business?

Smart contract technology, fair mining, protected, high-speed and low-cost blockchain environment for your application or start-up.

For Business

Need massive data storage, preferably cheap? Done!

Because of the large amount of digital storage assets and their decentralisation, the cost of secure data storage will be much lower than what’s currently available on the market.

For Safety

Afraid that your personal data will be stolen? Module eliminates this risk.

Distributed storage network offers significant advantages compared to server-based cloud storage. Data is secured with client-side encryption, which ensures much greater reliability than any other existing protocol

For Speed
Slow file transfers and long download? All in the past!
Distributing files from locations closest to the recipient dramatically increases data transfer speed

According to Japan’s Ministry of Communications, 94.7% of people there have a smartphone. The situation is similar in other developed countries. In developing countries, the percentage of smartphone users has dramatically increased and even reached 80.8% in many African countries, where the percentage of people walking around with a cell phone is the lowest.

Large amounts of unused storage sit on these phones. “There’s about 2 billion mobile devices used all over the world and if we assume that there is a huge amount of unused storage, then there is a surplus of this storage and we can use it to mine cryptocurrency,” says Module’s Tashiro.

Module assumes that the storage capacity of a typical smartphone is 32 GB. The usage rate of storage is 50%. If correct, there is extra storage capacity of about 15 billion GB. “If you use Module, phones and data that have not been used or were ‘sleeping’ can be turned into a real asset,” says Toshiro.

Users of the service will be paid in Module tokens, which can be exchanged for Bitcoin and later for fiat. But the main idea is to make Module a new BTC and ETH, said someone involved in the project who could not be quoted on the record. The beta version of their smartphone mining application will be distributed to users who then get Module tokens (MODL), the company said on their Telegram chat.

Application developer options:


Rent your unused storage and become a Module miner.


  • Transferring data from the assets nearest to the recipient
  • As the Module gains popularity, more and more mobile storage capacities will be available to you in your city, on your street, in your building


  • Decentralized and verifiable storage
  • VStrong forced end-to-end encryption
  • Data redundancy and self-healing
  • Proof of space, time and transaction for mining blocks


  • Best prices & guarantees thanks to a large number of competing storages
  • Visible and verifiable bids
  • Time-saving mobile smart contract system



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