Because the fact that, for example, there’s data from Freakonomics about how hockey players who are born in January, just because they start a little bit earlier than their peer group, that’s a very powerful effect versus being born in November or December instead.

>If something that minor can have that profound an effect, where I don’t know if it’s twice as many NHL players from January as December, then something as important to your identity as being gay in a society that until recently didn’t accept it, that’s a comparative disadvantage.

Maybe there are also correlations on what kinds of skills and traits people have, I don’t know, but we’ll see.

The prediction, if that theory is true, is that as it’s become more normalized, and now people who are growing up in middle school and high school where being gay is not as much of a disadvantage. Then you’d expect from that generation there to be substantially more gay athletes.