Margot Bergman

Margot Bergman

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🔳Margot Bergman (born 1934).

Active in Chicago since the late 1950s, Margot Bergman’s work in the last few decades has primarily revolved around two bodies of work, the Wonderland paintings and her Other Reveries series. 

For the latter, she uses existing artworks – usually found in thrift shops or flea markets – on which she adds just enough to draw out a portrait latent in the image. 

Some of the latest visages feature an uncanny double-face, both of which directly address the viewer. These collaborations are alternately playful, haunting, surrealistic, melancholic and evocative, and they betray an incredibly potent imagination. 

In her neo-expressionistic Wonderland paintings, Bergman has created a post-apocalyptic or prehistoric topography populated by explosively animated creatures including rabbits, pigs, jackals, and birds. Ferociously personal and ambitious in scale, the Wonderland pieces are frightening and revelatory.

Lives and works in Chicago.

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