Maestro - Revolutionizing the Digital Music World.

Maestro builds a new decentralized ecosystem for creators and audiences of the music industry. Using Blockchain technology can not be denied again will change the face of the digital music industry.

Thus, in contrast to its predecessors, the future of music products built with the blockchain has to offer innovative features to revive the music industry at its core. 

But blockchain music services only focus on improving the established power and distribution structures and failing to address the main problems of the current industry.

Maestro uses block-based technology EOS.IO. We chose EOS.IO because of its high availability with parallel CPUs, higher speed and free transactions based on DPOS. To maximize profits for artists and to reduce consumers, use Maestro block block EOS.IO which does not require individual transaction fees from users.

The blocking charges will be charged to the developer using EOS.IO. There are no other costs than coins deposited in the developer. We use EOS.IO blockchain technology to increase ecentralization benefits for all users.


Mission and objectives

"To create a productive environment that actively supports artists, create a properly structured structure, and an ecosystem where artists and investors can work together to share income." Maestro's goal is to present the current centralized management system changes into a decentralized platform for users with technology blockchain. Ultimately, we want a revolution to streamline music streaming to bring back profits to artists and investors. Inevitably, there will be barriers to the implementation of new technology in an adult music industry. The new technology must be in line with the current industry structure and must be accepted by all its stakeholders. Access limits are even higher due to strong cultural and long-term conventions of the industry. Therefore, the Maestro team is more focused on segments where blockchain technology can be implemented realistically. It must be reconciled with the existing bureaucratic music industry to make rapid development.

Blockchain-based 'Streaming + Music Funding' Platform

Maestro is a comprehensive music platform that includes investment, distribution and profitability. Maestro is a platform based on blockchain that consists mainly of two parts: the crowdfunding service that deals with attractions, investing, budgeting, and balancing accounts for funding, and streaming service that distributes music.

Maestro Service 'Payment Fee: 0%'

All income is distributed to the token holders

Transparent service structure

Artists can determine the ratio of the award

Crowdfunding System for Artists

Construction of an environmental cost processing for artists

Investment opportunities grow for regular buyers

A solution for artists and investors

Fair Music Streaming Service for Consumers

Decentralized flow service without intermediaries

A reasonable payment structure based on actual consumption

Lower cost compared to other streaming services

Maestro's profit structure

Maestro Token Sale

Token Name: Maestro Token 

Tokensimbool: MAE 

Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 MAE 

Token for sale: 620,000,000 MAE 

Unused tokens will be burned.

Soft hat for ICO: No. 

Hard cap for ICO: 62,000 ETH

Private sales

18.06.16 19.00 - 18.06.29 

30% BONUS 

62,000,000 MAE

1st ICO

18.06.30 19.00 - 18.07.15 

BONUS 10% 

186,000,000 MAE

2nd ICO

18.07.16 19:00 - 


334,800,000 MAE


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