The rapid development of technology, making the demands of life also continues to increase.

 Until this blockchain technology is present and is a trend among the public. At first, this blockchain itself is a chain block. In other words a growing list of notes, interconnected and secured with cryptography. The first distribution of blockchain, which became the point of popularity of digital technology was conceived by a Satoshi Nakamoto.

At that time the distribution was not only done by him but also supported by a group of anonymous, precisely in 2008. The use of blockchain in bitcoin itself, making bitcoin as one of digital currency that can be a solution of double expenditure. In 2014, this blockchain technology continues to innovate to release a version of blockchain 2.0 that its use more easily. 

Enables users to write smart contracts, more powerful and enables invoicing that can pay for themselves when the submissions arrive. It is also possible to share an automated certificate by sending the owner dividend when the profit has reached a certain level.

The next development is the application of blockchain technology to an industry. There are many real examples of industries that have utilized this blockchain technology. This technology was chosen because of some benefits like

Algorithm as an intermediary

By utilizing the Blockchain system, we can trim the intermediaries and entrust the algorithms to manage critical data access networks and information. 

Blockchain technology can be used automatically for information authorization, information exchange between insurance companies, between patients and hospitals, etc. This change will allow all stakeholders in the health system to sync in real-time.

Ensure ownership

Blockchain can be implemented to check ownership and authorization of sensitive information access. For example, start up Blockchain, such as TrustToken, has developed a digital-legal protocol that allows physical ast to be owned and managed by smart contracts, using trust entities to provide civil enforcement and criminal law.

Eradication of cyber attacks

The nature of distributing Blockchain ledgers in providing a number of security advantages over a typical data warehouse. Given that the Blockchain network has a single access point (for infiltration).

Streamline the supply chain

By using algorithms, we can minimize human intervention in the supply chain. In addition, we can eliminate ancient processes, such as pen and paper, and completely transition to digital accounting ledger. The big and influential companies in the world have found a way to implement Blockchain into their active supply chain.

One industry that utilizes this technology is the digital music industry. However, the existing blockchain music services only focus on improving the established stream and distribution structure, and failing to address the underlying problems of the industry today. Generally blockchain music services are more concerned with third parties such as labels and agents than artists.

 Blockchain music services should utilize technology to provide innovative functions that revolutionize the music industry at its core. We introduce a platform calledMaestro that is more concerned with the artist. For more details please read the following paragraphs. Or for detailed info please visit the website, read whitepaper and join intelegram maestro. If you are interested please join besama Maestro on ICO.


Maestro is focusing on fast software development of a smooth service for the music platform. Maestro uses EOS.IO-based blockchain technology. We chose EOS.IO because of its high scalability using parallel CPUs, far superior speed, and free transactions based on DPOS. 

To maximize profts for artists and minimize burdens for consumers, Maestro uses an EOS.IO-based blockchain that does not require any individual transaction fees from users. The cost of the blockchain is charged to the developer using EOS.IO. There are no costs apart from the coins deposited to the developer. We use EOS.IO blockchain technology to increase the benefts of decentralization for all users.

Maestro is primarily composed of two parts: "Symphony," the streaming service, and "Ensemble," the crowdfunding center. Artists can raise funds for their project prior to production through Ensemble. 

After completing the project, they can then distribute their creations and generate revenue through Symphony. The distribution and handling of rights, copyright, and transactions are all transparently executed through Symphony in accordance with data recorded on Maestro's blockchain

Current Production Process

Production companies receive funding as investment from labels to produce music. As such, they first transfer exclusive rights to the distribution. Even if only part of the rights are transferred, the artist should just distribute their music through the label. Once the contract is drawn, the artist has no choice but to follow the established process to receive proper funding and publicize their creations. 

With Maestro an Artist can make:

Crowdfunding for Music Production

To create an all-encompassing musical ecosystem, Maestro is focused on solving capital problems and providing a stream-based streaming streaming service. Maestro will solve this problem through crowdfunding. 

Crowdfunding is an alternative financial service that allows projects or businesses by raising money from many people. Already known as the business method used by Kickstarter and Indiegogo, funding of $ 16.2 billion has been invested worldwide through this method. Crowdfunding has solved funding problems for promising businesses and projects while creating new processes that enable early adopters to choose products to produce. Many projects, especially in the arts, have successfully started through this process.

Maestro wants to apply the concept of crowdfunding organically throughout the music industry. We aim to create an ecosystem where production costs are raised by fans and investors, and the benefits generated by streaming songs are distributed evenly amongst artists and investors. Blockchain technology will thus play an important role in providing funds to produce music and equitably distribute its rights.

Models of Reasonable and Breakthrough for Consumers

Maestro methods will bring more benefits to consumers as well. The Maestro service already makes sense of the pricing policy in which consumers pay according to the number of songs they have actually flowing. If consumers do not use any of the services provided, they are not charged. Maestro provides incentives to consumers by allowing purely playable subscription packages based on usage. 

This funding structure provides new investment and communication opportunities for consumers. Consumers can choose to communicate directly with artists and become active participants in their projects. If the projects they funded succeed, they can expect a share of the profits based on the amount of their investment. Maestro is the first blockchain platform through which consumers and artists can help each other for mutual benefit.

Funding and Token Distribution

MAEs are provided through snapshots of the wallets in Ensemble. Platform profits are allocated once per week. The Maestro team's goal is to decentralize the proft structure through blockchain technology. All platform profits are affected by the number of MAEs held. Unsold tokens will be destroyed. Due to inflation, issuance of additional tokens is expected to take place once per year, and further issuance is prohibited as a rule.

Goals to Attain

Soft cap for ICO: None

Hard cap for ICO: 62,000 ETH

Token Allocation

With the ever-increasing market growth every year we believe the Maestro project will be a success.


ROADMAP May – 2018

Continue to improve marketing for the artist

June – 2018

Private capital for investment companies and the first company that uses ICO 1.2


Sign a memorandum of understanding with major companies

November 2018

Listed on the exchange

Released demo version v1.0

Completed 100 companies sponsoring artists, led by Maestro

May – 2019

Official version of Mainnet

The Maestro team is already working on the project, and there is a 500 million KRW financing. Therefore, no soft caps are installed, and the project will act regardless of whether the hard cap will be achieved or not. After the second ICO, there will be no additional tokens.

Therefore let us join with us on ICO Maestro which will be held on or follow this link.

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