I'm a sorcerer. I have magic. And I use it for you, Arthur. Only for you. 

Merlin, you are not a sorcerer. I would know!

Look. Here.

Leave me.


No. heard! Just...  I want you gone.

Arthur, we need to leave at first light.

I will decide!

I can't let you stay here. It's too dangerous.

It doesn't change anything. You've lied, you've lied to me all this time!

I thought I knew you.

I'm still the same person.

I trusted you. 

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, too.

What are you doing?

They need drying.

This will be good for you. You need to eat.

Why are you doing this? Why are you still behaving like I'm in charge and you have to?...

It's my destiny. As it has been since the day we met.

I tried to take your head off with a mace.

And I stopped you, using magic.

You cheated!

You were going to kill me.

I'm glad you didn't. I do this because of who you are.

There was a time when that was true. Not now. There are many who can fill the crown.

There will never be another like you, Arthur. Now, I also do this... because I love you and I can't bear to lose you.

Why did you never tell me?

I wanted to, but...


You'd have chopped my head off.

I'm not sure what I would've done.

 And I didn't want to put you in that position.

That's what worried you?

Some men are born to plow fields, some live to be great physicians, others to be great kings. Me, I was born to serve you, Arthur. And I'm proud of that. And I wouldn't change a thing.

I don't want you to change. I want you. I'm sorry about how I treated you sometimes.