Logistrics internship в Procter & Gamble

Logistrics internship в Procter & Gamble


The mission of the Supply Network Operations team in P&G is to transform consumer demand into a supply plan and deliver the products to the shelves so that right P&G products are at the right place at the right time - and at the right cost and are available to P&G Consumers.

We are looking for Supply chain INTERNS to join our team.

What we can offer you:

  • If you are 3rd year or above student you as a Supply Chain Intern will be leading a project to improve supply chain capability and efficiency in one of Supply Chain divisions
  • You will learn leading Supply Chain practices and apply your skills and knowledge on the job
  • Upon finishing your Internship you and company will be able to decide on further Full-time employment
  • The internship will last for 3-6 months, depending on your availability.

What we do:

Starting from the raw/pack materials ordering to the final products to the shelf, we manage the product flow. We own the information flow throughout the supply chain and we control the cash flow via inventory management. With all of these, we stand at the heart of P&G:

  • Our Demand planning group work with Marketing and Sales to create the right demand plan.
  • Our Supply planners work with the Manufacturing Sites to make the supply plan.
  • Our Order management group work with the Customers to retrieve / create the right orders in the systems.
  • Our Logistics group stores and distributes our products to the customers, optimizing
  • the cost and efficiency of the deliveries.
  • Our Customer Logistics group work with Sales Department and Customers for creating the innovative solutions for the best shelf availability.

Qualifications to succeed in Supply Network Operations:

Supply Network Operations can offer you an exciting career, if you are a leader, have strong analytical capabilities, ability to operate with discipline, prepared to take responsibility, aim for innovation at work and possess good English skills to work across different professional departments and in an international environment.

Starting salary from 65 000 RUR per month gross supplemented with attractive benefits package.



Please mention the Your Job telegram channel as the source of information regarding this position