liposomal vitamin c suppliers

liposomal vitamin c suppliers

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Liposomal Vitamin C Suppliers


Manufacturing the future of vitamins.Our proprietary liposomal manufacturing process uses no heat, no high pressure, and no solvents.A new supplier of liposomal delivery systems has entered the market based on a ‘more natural’ approach the assembly of these structures, the founder said. The proprietary process is the brainchild of Emek Blair PhD. Blair received his doctoral training at the University of California Irvine, where the seeds of the process were sown.“I studied lipid structures so I could figure out how to wrap lipids around enzymes so that I could study them,” Blair told NutraIngredients-USA. But Blair became more interested in the lipids themselves, and the enzyme study fell by the wayside.“Basically the process I came up with is a copy of how the body naturally makes these lipid structures. We copied the way your body tries to absorb materials,” he said.“When you eat something that’s fatty, what does your body do?  It turns it into smaller and smaller droplets, and wraps lipids around it, and then your body is able to absorb those materials.

There are issues, though, because the body can’t always get all of the raw materials together.  “We have copied that process in a controlled lab environment. My process is the only one out there there that doesn’t use higher temperatures, higher pressure or solvents,” Blair said.The resulting liposomes that mimic the structures the body itself creates are more stable, Blair said, and they tend to end up at certain sizes. Different structures are possible using the approaches mentioned above, but they tend to have a built-in tension, according to Blair. “My process allows nature to determine what size the liposomes are. When you do that, you get really stable liposomes. When you drop a ball, it wants to be on the ground.  You always want to be at the point of lowest potential energy,” Blair said.Blair and his partners have opened a new facility in Fort Collins, CO called Valimenta Labs that does contract manufacturing of liposomal formulations. The process has been used to encapsulate vitamin C, glutathione, curcumin and astragalus, Blair said.

One big advantage of his process, Blair said, is that it fits better into a ‘natural’ positioning.“If you want to have a natural products in you don’t want residual solvents in there.  You don’t want to ‘cook’ the natural ingredients to turn them into liposomal formulations,” he said.Blair was quick to point out that he was not trying to run down competitors in the liposomal formulation game.“I believe my competitors do what they do very well, but we as an industry haven’t done very well to communicate that we are not doing some sort of artificial nanotechnology.  Liposomes are found in nature.  They’re found in breast milk.  This is just a mimic of what naturally occurs in your body already,” Blair said.Sale NO.1 in Europe with GMP certificates the liposomal vitamin c tablets 500mg Henan Rhonda Imp.& Exp. Trading Co., Ltd. US $1-10 100 Kilograms Transaction LevelHomeVitamins and SupplementsVitamins and MineralsLiposomal Vitamin C Liposomal Vitamin C - 5oz

High Quality Liposomal Vitamin C Containing 1000mg Vitamin C and 400 mg PC per serving! Click here to see how our competition match up Serving Size: 5 milliliters Servings per Bottle: 30 Vitamin C (as sodium ascorbate, ascorbic acid) Sodium (as sodium ascorbate) OTHER INGREDIENTS: Purified water, natural flavors, potassium sorbate. DIRECTIONS: 5 MILLILITERS DAILY (JUST OVER ONE TEASPOON) OR AS DIRECTED BY YOUR PHYSICIAN. MIX INTO ONE OUNCE JUICE AS A PALATABLE WAY TO INGEST. Refrigerate after opening and use within 45 days of opening. Natural flavors are fruit and berry extracts and contain no MSG, no tomato, nothing synthetic. NOTE: Some people may prefer to take dose in water or juice. These are Liposomes using 400 mg phosphatidylcholine per dose. The flavor is milder, the viscosity is lower and the liposomes clear your mouth quickly-the result is more tolerable. After a dose or two your palate will be accustomed to it. Tested Non GMO  Tested Gluten Free   Tested Non Soy

All natural non-hydrogenated phosphatidylcholine for our delivery system with a claim put right on the label! Find Similar Products by CategoryCustomer service is closed on all major U.S. holidays so employees can be with their families.Inteligent*Vitamin*C Supplies Doctors and Retailers with the World's Finest Vitamin C; Now in Two High-potency Formulas. The UltraFINE™ L-Ascorbic Acid Quali-C® Vitamin C Powder (225 g) The China-Free Liposomal Vitamin C (Quali-C® >98% Encapsulated Sunflower-based Liposomes. *** Both products are available in cases of 12 jars at wholesale (Approx 50% off) for qualified physicians and retail stores. Call 800-894-9025 for current wholesale pricing and/or to place an order. World's Finest (Ultra-Fine) China-Free Vitamin C Powder (200 g) HIGHLY BIOAVAILABLE ASCORBIC ACID Vitamin C Foundation Approved® Thank you for the ultrafine Quali-C. I didn't think it was possible to have a Vitamin C powder that dissolves as quickly and easily as the ultrafine product.

My children think that it is also less sour, which has made it easier to make sure they are getting enough each day. Physicians prescribe UltraFINE™ to achieve high ascorbic acid blood levels. Ascorbic acid is vitamin C. Humans lack the capacity to make this molecule and must obtain it in their diet. Pure ascorbic acid is bio-identical to the vitamin C molecules that are made endogenously by most plants and animals. UltraFINE™ Vitamin C is a unique ultrafine L-ascorbic acid powder that dissolves almost instantly in water and has almost no taste. Doctors familiar with this product tell us that the DSM ultra-fine grade of powder is better absorbed and more effective than other vitamin C powders. "I strongly recommend you sell ultrafine powder labeled as world finest. There is no problem in using DSM fine powder, but there is clear difference when you go mega dose with ultra-fine powder reaching more that 10 g a day. You can sell the fine powder or crystals, but they are second or third grade (larger) at least in terms of size of the granules of ascorbic acid.

Those differences result in the difference in bowel tolerance doses, which Dr. Robert Cathcart, III, insisted as the ideal dose of oral megadose Vitamin C therapy to individuals." - Byeong Keun Ha, M.D., Ph.D. Our testing shows that it is among the most absorbable, and thus most bioavailable form of ascorbic acid on the market. Generally, vitamin C can be purchased as either L-Ascorbic acid, a weak acid, or as Sodium L-Ascorbate. Ascorbic acid is the most common form of the vitamin and was used and recommended for oral consumption by Linus Pauling. The late vitamin C expert Robert Cathcart III, MD, prescribed high-doses of vitamin C to thousands of patients. Doctor Cathcart found oral ascorbic acid to be twice as potent as sodium ascorbate and other ascorbate forms for many therapeutic applications. (Note: both both liposomal and intravenous vitamin C are administered as sodium ascorbates.) UltraFINE™ is Highly Bioavailable Vitamin C Vitamin C authors and experts Steve Hickey, PhD, and Hilary Roberts, PhD, explain that oral ascorbic acid (but not sodium ascorbate) enters the blood stream through the stomach lining[ * ]

Our preliminary studies show that ascorbic acid rapidly enters the blood stream, with levels peaking between fifteen and twenty minutes after intake. ascorbic acid powder produces a blood concentration of 40 mg/dl, or roughly 24 times the steady state maximum. (Note: The maximum steady state vitamin C level in human beings is 1.3 mg/dl (women) to 1.5 mg/dl (men))Vitamin C Blood Measurements - Ultrafine AA Sodium ascorbate, having further to travel through the gut, is released more slowly when ingested orally and a slighly larger dose (4.9 g) reaches a maximum of around 20 mg/dl or 13 times the steady state maximum. Vitamin C Blood Measurements - Sodium Ascorbate "I have found that vitamin C in the ascorbic acid form is the best form to take orally. I have been able to achieve what I call the ascorbate effect with only ascorbic acid by mouth. Mineral ascorbates by mouth, while being fine sources of vitamin C, do not seem to carry the same punch." Robert Cathcart, III, MD (more)

is the Ultimate Vitamin C UltraFINE™ is made entirely from the first branded vitamin C product and is NOT MADE IN CHINA. (UltraFINE-C™ powder is made entirely from Quali®-C***, manufactured in Europe by DSM nutritional products.) Finest grade of pure L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) powder Dissolves instantly in fluids 100% corn free and gluten free Completely free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Finding Vitamin C that Isn't Made in China Isn't Easy UltraFINE™ Vitamin C is not manufactured in China. Why don't other vitamin C products tell you where they were manufactured? Because almost all vitamin C products on the market are made from inexpensive Chinese vitamin C! product is made entirely from highest-grade vitamin C manufactured in Europe. We use the finest powder (ultra-fine) of the highest-quality product on the market which has been trademarked as Quali-C***™ manufactured by DSM Nutritional products. Why UltraFINE™ Vitamin C is the Right Choice for Patients

Physicians and their patients will notice the difference between ascorbic acid powder and other common vitamin C products. An added benefit is that children often complain about the taste of their juice with added vitamin C. This product has almost no taste in the dosages suitable for children, making it very easy to add UltraFINE™ vitamin C to juice and other drinks. Your children and other loved ones will hardly notice they are getting their daily vitamin C requirement. As an important plus, everyone receives their daily requirement of this essential food in the most bioavailable form of l-ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is an essential food required daily to prevent the nutritional deficiency disease scurvy. Based on the writings of two-time Nobel prize winning chemist Linus Pauling, the Vitamin C Foundation recommends that everyone take 3000 mg of vitamin C daily. (A lesser dosage of the highly bioavailable UltraFINE™ may provide an equivalent dosage, but this has yet to be scientifically demonstrated.)

Our press release . Scientific findings about the benefits of vitamin C are available for the lay public from the Vitamin C Foundation Physicians and retail outlets may contact Inteligent*Vitamin*C Inc (800-894-9025) for wholesale pricing and to order. ATTENTION DOCTORS: We are interested in clinical reports using DSM ultra-fine ascorbic acid. (We already have reports of therapeutic effects that have only been observed from an intravenous infusions of vitamin C.) If your practice is willing to help us study and quantify the effect of versus liposomal and/or intravenous sodium ascorbates please contact Owen Fonorow for details. Note: Inteligent*Vitamin*C Inc offers a 100% money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied. Quali-C***® is a registered trademark of DSM nutritional products. Vitamin C Foundation Approbed® is a registered trademark of the non-profit Vitamin C Foundation. UltraFINE™ and China-free Liposomal Vitamin C™ are trademarks of Inteligent*Vitamin*C Inc.