Britain in the middle of a serious energy crisis. We are desperately in need of a new form of energy which will be capable of generating enough power to carry all countries in twenty-first century. This new source must be practical, cheap to set up and maintain and have a highest productive. This is certainly a tall order! 

At the moment more than 90% Britain`s energy needs are met by burning fossil fuels or generated in nuclear power station. These are not renewable sourses of energy and once and they run out. Also, this methods are hurmful for environment, because they emit greenhouse gases, with contribute to global warmind and change climet. 

We can use wind power to pump water. It is good alternative energy source, because wind power don`t damage the environment. Today it is the world`s fastest-growing sourse of energy. The strong winds which blow around Britain`s coastline could used to provide more energy. 

Wind farm are actually arrays of electricity-generating wind turbin, which are tall, have slim towers and blades, which spin a pole. This pole connected to generator, which made a electricity. 

Wind power make any noise and take a lot of space. They are often located on unoccupied areas. Also, building wind power at sea is possible. The stronger winds generated at sea make a offshore wind farms a practical alternative. 

A single wind turbine can produce enough electricity for 375 houses. At the moment there are around sixty wind farms in Britain. 

So, wind power offers a solution to all our energy problems by being a renewable, clean and safe sourse of energy. It is a best way to protect our environment and made a much of energy.