Secure, anonymous, fast and worldwide transactions in the WAVES blockchain.

WAVES Wallet: 3PHZXNNy6FMrhXgEkwYsPQy7dcnWZTrPcBc
​Identifier: HckjnK586wxX2qwrtsDdNyhmYorQPAzxoWrVRSwwh3cp

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The WAVES-Wallet and the decentralized exchange system allow anonymous transactions.

KORONA offers high value-added opportunities. Only 50,000 tokens exist. We support POS4All with 15% of all tokens (Paying 1/1000000 every 30 day(s)).

The plan

50,000 tokens total

2,500 tokens are reserved for fees, partners, messages and faucet.

7,500 POS4All. Up to 5,000 days possible.

We start sales in the WAVES-DEX!


Year 2018:

Starting price 0.0005 BTC per token. ETH, WAVES accordingly. 5000 tokens each.

Year 2019:

Starting price: 0.0025 BTC per token. ETH, WAVES accordingly. 2500 tokens each.

Year 2020:

Starting price: 0.0100 BTC per token. ETH, WAVES accordingly. 1750 tokens each.

Year 2021:

Starting price: 0.0250 BTC per token. ETH, WAVES accordingly. 1250 tokens each.

Year 2023:

All remaining tokens are sold at the current price.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

If you are interested, you can make us other offers directly. If other offers are received, the number of tokens available for sale will be adjusted.

In addition, you can also use the option to buy the token against FIAT currencies or other cryptocurrencies. All you need is a WAVES wallet. Write an email.

Live long and prosper