Learning is the natural quality of man. We have the skills to learn and grow by itself. Accumulation of knowledge in the field is divided in various ways. Learning can also be accumulated in various ways. The learning experience can be defined as the understanding we gain from exposure to the varied experiences in our daily lives. Professional Learning defines the set of learning we grow to grow as a better professional in our chosen career.

The Internet has opened the way for mankind to dig deeper into the richness of knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the various concepts we may never have heard in our lives. The challenge of learning something new is always the most important. The motivation behind learning can be very different depending on the selected scenario and the Person in question. Some may act voluntarily from their natural instincts while others may require a little encouragement from friends and the environment. Human growth depends on the application of learning.

We use learning to solve practical applications that have a wider impact on Humanity. The desire to learn can also come from a sense of accomplishment embedded in our brains. Competing and excelling in the learning environment is the most preferred choice. We must find ways for Knowledge and Learning to be made broader and more general so that people can benefit from each other.

Solutions offered

KNOWLEDGE offers something innovative to create the impact of learning and global knowledge. It has created a Knowledge Score for individuals and companies, allowing companies to connect and form partnerships with appropriate people. The services offered by KNOWLEDGE will enable every professional or individual to showcase his expertise in the field through his score.

The Knowledge channel will classify and categorize platform users according to their Knowledge Score. This will help companies to connect and partner with the right candidates for their specific needs. Knowledge of users on a particular topic can be checked with a simple test on the topic or present the question in Game form.


To create a pool of true knowledge, they need public support. A total of 150 million KNW proofs are made where 68.75 million are available to the general public. The Main Sale of the KNW token begins from February 12, 2018 which will continue until April 8, 2018. Bonus and Bounty are available for initial attendees at Token Sale.

The funds will be used for technology and business development. The team behind the project is experienced in Marketing technology, Consulting and Blockchain. They believe that the future development of Knowledge and learning can be accelerated with Blockchain technology.


Knowledge is power. The value it creates has unlimited market potential and thus creates an ecosystem, where it gets the award will be the best innovation of the decade. Incentives and rewards to Knowledge experts will create further research and understanding in the Knowledge Value Reward System concept. People associated with the project believe that Blockchain technology can be the answer we are looking for to bring the next generation revolution in the field of Knowledge Sharing.

They have launched mobile apps and are in talks with other big players in the field to develop healthy ecosystems. The KNOWLEDGE LAB, KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE funnel and KNOWLEDGE graphs are some of the key features of the platform that will help companies create talent pools of experts and experts on specific topics. The topics included in the platform are a mix of topics, such as movies, cars, Space, Company etc.

Advertisers can be the biggest beneficiaries of such apps where they can get the best list of thoughts on this topic. To remain faithful to their mission, they have developed a community program that creates educational programs on various topics and projects. I think they will be Google's trusted source of the best minds in the field. So are you ready.

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