KNOWLEDGE is a multi-faceted platform with sophisticated cryptographic technology, creating a user-centric approach for gathering information and creating people. Knowledge.
io offers a new frontier in the field of tracking, testing and knowledge testing, as well as using the reward and incentive models described below, and provides a high level of interaction.
| is a platform to applaud and encourage users to share knowledge. offers a platform that allows participants to receive direct awards and validation through training, experience testing and advanced technology based on Blockbunch technology. | begins as a concept to appreciate and celebrate knowledge. Everyone has knowledge, and is shaped through their own life experiences, but the opportunity to share, display, and receive the benefits of one's knowledge can be rare for most people. introduces a platform to praise and reward users for sharing their knowledge. Knowledge.i proposes a platform that enables participants to gain awards and direct validation through careful learning, expert verification, and advanced technology-based technologies. is a multifaceted platform with advanced crypto technology, creating a user centric approach to information gathering and persona development. uses blockchain technology in two ways: applying a knowledge token as a source of value, and for storing valuable information to advertisers, educators, companies and other users in a transparent manner that gives trust to all parties involved. Blockchain technology and Knowledge platform facilitate the valuation of knowledge and value exchange in his view.


The core of the platform is the Knowledge Score. The Knowledge Score and associated user personnel will track and measure the user's knowledge on various topics. Through integration with IKL platforms, educators, entrepreneurs, advocates, and others can appreciate and exchange knowledge through voluntary interaction or gamat.
Dates curled together with Knowledge Score will tell the story and identify the opportunity in a way previously unlikely. Data, markets, companies, advertisers and other third-party publishers can use this Knowledge Score as actionable intelligence to target and incentivize both digital and brick & mortar campaigns.

Understanding the Knowledge segment audience scores within the Knowledge Channel allows advertisers to tailor messages that match their knowledge with potential and current potential customers.
Advertisers see the progress of Knowledge Score over time and plan more productive communication with their audiences. Kowow's star helps success at the Sellers Marketplace. Find and invite them as expert and creator product reviewers for your brand.

Data sets that interact with the platform are rewarded with tokens to contribute knowledge. The knowledge flow is proportionally disbursed in return for sharing or generating knowledge.
Knowledge of knowledge is mined not by cryptographic hashing, but by solving the question from which Knowledge Score can be developed, or by the use of web sites and applications that have some value-related knowledge.

The platform provides sellers of Marketeers Online who offer advertiser products and services available in return for the Knowledge token. Their stores and ecommerce products are linked to advertiser campaigns and content on the platform to start Marketplace and ensure users can enjoy the tokens obtained, we've established relationships with merchants that will provide a catalog of 300,000 products.

Advertisers can target users with Knowledge Value on a collection of topics related to their products and services. Educate your audience about your products and services and measure the level of user understanding.
Get answers to the questions you just dreamed of, on a scale! Create an appropriate message to communicate with users at different stages of Knowledge Line using the Q & A platform. Advertisers can target users with Knowledge Value on a collection of topics related to their products and services.
Educate your audience about your products and services and measure the level of user understanding. Get answers to your newly asked questions dreaming, on a scale!
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