kened Ch. 03

kened Ch. 03

Clare stretched like a cat in her bed and squinted in the morning sunlight. Something felt different. And then she flushed, remembering her activities in her office the night before. Had she really allowed some stranger to watch her masturbate? And had she really enjoyed it? She absolutely had! She rolled over on to her stomach and grabbed her ipad. Time for some research. A quick entry into google heralded some pretty surprising results! She had been vaguely aware that people did that type of thing to get their kicks. She never thought she would be one of them. But the night before had been the hottest, sexiest thing she had ever done. It made her feel so powerful. It made her hot just thinking about it. She felt like she had had a sexual awakening. She had liked it. And she wanted more. Sex was great. But this was something else.

She deliberated about grabbing her trusty vibrator, but looking at her clock she realised she needed to get going or she would be late. She grabbed a quick shower and rushed out the door to work.

The campus was busy and bustling. Students rushing to class, admin staff running around with boxes and mail. Professors using the printers. Clare went straight to her mail cubby. Nearly everything was done electronically, but randomly you'd get snail mail. As she neared the large wooden structure something caught her eye. A brilliant red rose was sticking out of her cubby. She rapidly looked around the large office. No one was looking at her. She looked back at the rose. She pulled it out of the cubby and a piece of paper slid out with it.

It said "I enjoyed the floor show last night. Same time tonight? I'll leave a light on". Clare nearly passed out with shock. Her watcher knew it had been her. Her cheeks went beet red. All kinds of scenarios rushed through her mind. Could she be reported? Could she be fired? As she tried to calm her breathing her rational brain began to work. If she were in trouble, she wouldn't be getting an invitation to repeat the previous nights exploits. Her breathing began to quicken for a different reason. The thought of feeling that way again. She felt that pull deep in her groin again. And what did he mean when he said he would leave a light on?

Clare decided then and there that she wanted to do this again. She wondered if she could improve on the show she provided the night before? Her trusty vibrator! Clare reckoned if she rushed, she would make it home and back on her lunch hour. The day dragged until lunch time. As soon as her class ended she dashed out the door and ran to her car. She had green lights all the way home, nothing short of a miracle. Clare grabbed her vibrator and lube. At the last second she decided to grab some sexy lingerie that she got as a present from her ex that she hadn't ever worn. She made it just in time for her class after lunch. For the rest of the day her concentration was shot. All she could think about was her vibrator, her lube and her crotchless body suit with nipple peepholes.

She got through her classes and finished at 5pm. A couple of hours to kill, she wondered what she should do. She wanted this to be a great experience for her and for her watcher. On impulse she decided to run around the corner to the hair salon. It was a tiny place and she crossed her fingers that they would be able to fit her in. Luck was smiling on her. All she wanted was a wash and blow dry, but she wanted her long dark red tresses to be looking their best.

While she was getting her hair washed, she allowed her mind to wander and began to imagine what she might do while her watcher looked on. She thought about what she might do with her vibrator. Just thinking this way made her insides fizz and she could feel the juices beginning to gather. She could feel a delicious sliding sensation in between her legs. She imagined the young watchers huge cock ramming into her. She moved to a seat at a mirror and as the young women dried her hair Clare could see how flushed she had become. If just thinking about this was getting her this turned on, she couldn't imagine how she would feel later on. She marshalled her thoughts. She brought her attention to the small shelf in front of her and noticed a flyer advertising "Vajazzle".

Ooooh, interesting, she thought. She kept her pubic hair and legs trimmed and waxed. But never considered adorning herself with anything like that. She asked the lady drying her hair if maybe they would be able to fit her in. The universe was smiling on her, they could do one straight after her hair was finished. She spent the next few minutes looking at different designs. She chose a star design with crystals spreading out each side from it. She had to pop into the bathroom and shave herself first. The salon had a bathroom with shower stall and enough room to sort herself out.

As she took off her clothes, she was keenly aware of how turned on she was. All she would need to do was barely touch herself and she could come. She dithered over whether to quickly insert a finger into her soaking wet pussy. No, she decided the longing would ultimately add to her enjoyment later. She quickly shaved herself and cleaned herself up, trying to keep away from touching herself anywhere near her clit. The vajazzle took no time at all. And Clare was quite taken with how she looked. The sparkling stickers accentuated her hip bones and then drew the eye downwards to her mound.

Clare checked the time. She had just enough time to change into her sexy lingerie and get back to her office. She was wearing one of her favourite dresses. Another button down one in khaki green. It contrasted well with her dark hair and pale skin. She popped into the bathroom nearest her office. The building was once again silent, and dusk was already drawing in. No creative arts class tonight she thought. Once she was wearing the crotchless one piece she immediately felt like a sex goddess. It was amazing what some attention to detail could do. She knew when her nipples were hard, they would peek through the peepholes at the top of the one piece. She buttoned her dress back up with trembling fingers. Every time her fingers grazed against her skin; she felt a delicious tingle.

She opened her office door and walked in. She glanced out her office window and her mouth went dry. Her eyes dilated with the sight that met her. He was there. Her watcher. He was standing in the same room as the night before. But he had the light on. He was standing there naked. She drank in every glorious inch of him. This man was a god among mere mortals. His body was hard and lean. Every sinew and muscle accentuated by the way the light hit each crevice and indent on his body. Her gaze came to rest on his cock. Possibly the most impressive part of his body. It must be at least 8 inches long she thought. It was erect. He was holding it lightly. The show hadn't begun yet. He was waiting for her. She swallowed, twice.

She walked further into her office. She stood in front of the window. There was still time to balk if she wanted to. Who was she kidding, she had never been this turned on in her life. She met his eyes. He half smiled. She melted. She felt so powerful. This Adonis was here to watch her. And she intended to make it worth his time.

She shook her long tresses so that her hair hung down either side of her shoulders and partly covered her breasts. She slowly began to unbutton her dress. Lingering on each button. The fuchsia pink colour of her sexy lingerie peeking out as she went lower. She finally undid the last button and allowed the fabric of her dress to hang loose around her. Her watcher had begun to stroke himself slowly. The movement was hypnotic. Clare shrugged her shoulders and her dress fell to the floor. She knew she looked hot. She had curves, hips and breasts and ass.

She brought her thumb and index finger to her lips. She licked them to moisten them. She then brought her hand to her breast. The peepholes were a godsend, her nipples were already hard and sticking out. She rolled her nipple between her moist thumb and index finger. A gasp escaped her lips. That felt so good. She looked at the gorgeous man opposite her. His gaze was locked on her. His huge erect penis had precum dribbling out and he was using it as lubricant as he rhythmically worked himself. What she wouldn't give to be able to take his length into her mouth. She would suck him until he came, hot and wet into her willing mouth.

She pulled her office chair up behind her and sat down. She adopted the same position as the night before and used the windowsill to steady her legs. And then she spread herself wide. The crotchless bottom of her suit spread open to perfectly frame her labia and clit and her soaking pussy. She ran her hand down her body to her crotch. She ran her index finger down her lips and plunged it into her waiting cunt. The sensation was nearly too much. She had been turned on and ready since early that morning. She reclined further in the chair. Her finger was soaking as she dragged it out of her. She circled her hole several times and then went back in with two fingers this time. She locked eyes with her watcher again. He was leaning against his window with his left forearm and was running his right hand up and down. Clare slowed her movements down, if she wasn't careful she would come. And this show wasn't over, not by a long shot.

Reaching behind her she grabbed at her bag. She found her vibrator. No need for lube, she was soaking. She made sure her watcher could see what she had in her hand. His eyes widened and his smile did too. He nodded at her. She decided that she was too encumbered by her lingerie. She stood up and pulled down the straps and she let it fall to the floor beside her dress. Her vajazzled pubic mound glittered in the light being cast from the watcher's office. Her watcher licked his lips. She imagined he was thinking he would like to get up close and personal to her vajazzled body.

Settling herself back on her chair, she turned on her vibrator. A silver coloured bullet, a modest little thing, but it certainly had brought Clare to many a lusty orgasm. She ran the buzzing bullet over her nipples, the sensation sending shock waves directly south towards her sex. Her watcher had stopped pleasuring himself. He was staring at her with naked, carnal lust on his face. She smiled at him and moved her buzzing phallus down her body. She moved it up and down, either side of her clit. She moved in in slow circles at the very top of her lips. It was super sensitive, she was close.

She wished she had her watcher's massive cock inside her. Her body was crying out for it. She wanted to be filled with his rock hardness. She wanted him to hold her up against a wall and fuck her hard. Her fingers would do for right now. She settled her vibrator on one side of her clit, her favourite spot and with her other hand she drove three of her fingers deep into her hot wet pussy. The Adonis had resumed his punishing rhythm on his cock. His hips were working to the rhythm. He was close too she reckoned. Her toes started to tingle. Her hips were grinding into the chair. And then she crashed into the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. Her whole body pulsed. She felt it everywhere. She cried out, she didn't care who heard her or saw her.

This was the most exquisite feeling in the world. It was like a drug. She looked at the man, just in time to see his cock spurt a fountain of cum. His eyes were wide open as he came. This was another level of hot. To look a man in the eye as he came, while he had watched her come moments before was nothing short of pure sexual heat. Clare lazed on her chair watching the man. He was breathing hard. There was a sheen of sweat on his skin. She wondered what it would taste like. They stared at each other for what felt like hours. Unspoken words between them. Clare knew at some point one of them would break the spell. She decided that she wanted it to be her. She sat up in her chair and bent over and picked up her clothes. When she looked back up the watcher's room was in darkness. It was over, for now.