ke The Wolf Ch. 06

ke The Wolf Ch. 06

"Well, why don't you bring this sweetheart of yours around?" asked Dr. Blake.

"I'd love to introduce Maggie to you guys and I'm sure she'd love to meet you but Cian only gave me a day to spend with you guys. I have to be gone by midnight." said Finn. He didn't know if he was sad that he couldn't bring Maggie to see his former pack or happy that they wanted both he and Maggie to be there. Perhaps, it was a bit of both. 

"Well, kid there's no problem with her dropping by the bar for a burger and beer. She's a free person. We'd love to have her." said Dr. Blake.

Finn made conversation with the members of his pack. Alot of the wolves his age had moved away. They didn't like the rigid rules that the pack still followed. They wanted to live in the 21st century even if it meant being away from their pack. Theo and Dr. Blake were the only wolves left who he had a connection with. Finn wished his mom was there but there was nothing he could do but pay his tributes to her. Dr. Blake spoke kindly of her. All to soon, it was time for Finn to leave. So he hugged Dr. Blake and Theo, then left. 

"Be sure to bring that girl of yours round sometime, bye." were Dr. Blake's parting words.

Finn nodded and then ran back to Maggie's apartment. He arrived there at the same time as Maggie. 

"You have a fun day out?" asked Maggie. 

"Yeah, I went to see my old was nice getting back together with them. How was work?"

"Work is work same story every day." 

Finn nodded. He understood from his time working as a mechanic before he had been imprisoned. 

"Well, what happened with your old pack?" asked Maggie out of curiosity. 

"Meh, most of the wolves I grew up with have left. They don't like the old fashioned way Cian, runs the pack... he's the Alpha, rules the pack. They want to live in modern times. But, Cian likes things the old fashioned way. No dames, cars or anything jive. But, Theo and Dr. Blake were there. They said they'd love for you to drop by the bar and park sometime. They'd both like to meet the woman who saved me." Finn said. 

"I think we should go this weekend, I'd like to see where you grew up. But, first I need your help with something, Finn. It's been a long day at work and I'd like a bath. You're also all dirty from your trip to the park. 

"How about you take a bath with me?" Asked Maggie as she shed her shirt and pants. She strode over to Finn and started unbuttoning his shirt button by button. Then she yanked his hand and dragged him over to the shower. 

SHe pulled him in. The hot water fell over the lovers bodies. Finn pinned her against the wall. 

"You were made for me, my love, my lady, my savoir." He whispered. Finn plunged into Maggie's depths. He kissed her from her mouth to her breasts. There he suckled and played with her nipples. 

He suddenly slowed down, drawing out each thrust so that her inner muscles squeezed his staff each time he pulled out. One of his hands lowered to find her clit.

"You are my mate, Maggie.Nothing else in the world matters to me. Not my old pack, not cars, not anything..." Finn circled her clit. He inserted one, then two, then three fingers in Maggie. Finn slowly worked them out as the hot water poured down on the couple. The heat inside Maggie began low in her belly. Maggie wanted to scream at him for taking his time, teasing her. She was weak with desire, knowing that only Finn could end this. Yet she shook her head as he said this. He stopped moving altogether, his strength allowing him to hold her over him so only the tip of his staff was inside of her. She moaned.

"Please," She begged, biting into his shoulder.

"Please what?" Finn teased

"I...I...I.." Maggie was moaning with need. She wanted Finn so bad. 

"Do you want this?" Finn thumbed her clit and she nodded. "Or this?" He slid his cock an inch deeper, then pulled away again. "Or perhaps you wish me to cum inside you as you beg for release?"

"Please, Finn." She begged. "I need you." begged Maggie. She was panting with desperation.

Finn's teeth were clenched, his damp forehead rested on hers now as he panted. "Tell me I am your mate. Tell me and I will finish this."


"Tell me!" He slid an inch deeper into her. He was throbbing.

"I am yours, Finn only yours...your true mate." cried Maggie in desperation. 

Finn thrust into her to the hilt. She came at once, her release flooding into his cock and he could hold back no longer. He slammed into her twice before she felt him spill inside her.

The lovers held each other sated in one another's arms.

"Let's go see your old pack this weekend, Finn. I want them to know what a wonderful guy you are. I want them to meet me and know you finally have something wonderful in your life after 50 years. 

Finn held Maggie and smiled sadly. He knew that his former pack wouldn't be impressed or care, still he would take Maggie to where he had grown up. 

The weekend came and Finn took Maggie out to the park. They stopped at The Wolves' Den bar. Cian glared at them as soon as they walked in. 

"I thought I told you not to come in here any more." he said angrily. "You're not welcome and we don't want you."

There were several other pack members in the bar. They all turned to see what would happen between Finn and Cian. 

"Well, he didn't come in here...I did." stated Maggie. She was talking braver than she felt. So she continued. "My FRIEND and I would like to be served. I'll have a burger and a beer, whatever you have on tap. He'll have a beer too." 

Cian gave Maggie a hard stare. "Fine! I'll give a slut like you a beer." he finally said grudgingly. 

"I can't believe you're with her Finn. I really thought better of you. I can smell all the other men she's had on her. Can't you?" Cian said provokingly. 

Finn didn't say anything. He didn't trust himself around Cian. Maggie didn't have any friends in Finn's old pack, but she didn't have any enemies either. 

"So what Cian...I've had other boyfriends just like Finn's had other girlfriends. I can't say that any of them brought me the same...level of gratification than Finn does. They were more "I'll have what she's having orgasems...than Finn brings me." Maggie said this while blushing a deep red. She wasn't used to having her sexual history revealed before strangers. 

The other wolves in the bar burst out in laughter while Finn remained indifferent. 

Maggie's relationship with Finn seemed so natural that she'd forgotten he'd been imprisoned for 50 years. He had never seen When Harry Met Sally and so didn't get the joke. 

Cian didn't laugh. He remained still and frowning at the bar. He didn't go to the movies or ride in cars. The world just wasn't what it used to be. Why ride in a car when you could just transform and be free in the wild? Cian didn't know what this world was coming to. 

"He's still a punk...screwing around and doing Hell knows what for 50 years. I wouldn't be surprised if he's killed a whole slew of women like that other skank he used to hang around with. He's such a's a good thing his mother's dead. It would kill her to see him like this. "

Maggie slapped Cian for insulting Finn. She could take the insults thrown her way but she couldn't bear for Finn to be insulted after all the suffering he had endured over the past 50 years. Maggie's hand barely had time to land when instantly, Cian transformed into a wolf and lunged at Maggie. It only took Finn, ½ second to transform and come in between Maggie and Cian. Cian and Finn were locked in an epic battle. 

Cian was older and the alpha so he was a better fighter than Finn. Also Finn had been imprisoned for 50 years and unable to work out. Still Cian was not an alpha to take mercy or forgive. He tore into Finn's shoulder blade and bit the ACL on his left leg. Finn was limping. But, Finn got in a couple of good bites to Cian too. He was also bleeding. Still, Finn was seriously wounded and in a position to be killed by Cian. Maggie did the only thing she could think of to stop the fight. She took a pepper shaker from a nearby table and tossed it on them both. 

Cian and Finn transformed into humans sputtering and sneezing from the black pepper. They had red eyes. Maggie went up to Finn, she had a tissue and dabbed his eyes.

"You okay sweetheart?" she asked Finn as she embraced and kissed him.

Finn dabbed his tearing eyes. It was hard for him to stand since his ACL had been ripped apart by Cian. So he leaned on Maggie for support. He was bleeding heavily from the forehead. It was trickling down his face. Maggie dipped a napkin in a nearby glass and dabbed his forehead. 

Dr. Blake went to attend to Finn. Dr. Blake strictly followed the rules of medicine and Finn was first via the rules of triage. This incensed Cian. He was the alpha. He should be respected and taken care of first. Dr. Blake owed that to him. Clearly, Dr. Blake was another member of the pack who didn't show his alpha respect. There was just too much disrespect these days. 

Finn was still sputtering blood and he said "that's it...enough of this shit...come on Maggie. We're leaving...we're starting our own family and if you want to our own pack. Any of you who want to come with us, we'll be at 123 Oak Lane. 

Finn and Maggie left the bar. They headed back to Maggie's apartment. Theo and Dr. Blake stared at the still red-eyed Cian, then they followed Finn and Maggie. Only their destinies lay before them.