Katja Novitskova

Katja Novitskova

Dicecream Magazine

🗿Katja Novitskova (born 1984 in Tallinn, Estonia) is an Estonian installation artist. She lives and works in Amsterdam and Berlin.

Her work focuses on issues of technology, evolutionary processes, digital imagery and corporate aesthetics.

Novitskova is interested in investigating how, "media actively redefines the world and culture, and everything" related to art, nature and commerce.

Novitskova was also a contributor to Digital Life Design Women14 in Munich, an exhibition moderated by the art curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist where she presented "Patterns of Activation".

Regarding her text "Post Internet Survival Guide", Novitskova has stated that, "The notion of a survival guide arises as an answer to a basic human need to cope with increasing complexity. In the face of death, personal attachment and confusion, one has to feel, interpret and index this ocean of signs in order to survive.”

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