Katharina Fritsch

Katharina Fritsch

Dicecream Magazine

šŸ—æKatharina FritschĀ (born 14 February 1956) is a German sculptor.

She is known for herĀ sculpturesĀ andĀ installationsĀ that reinvigorate familiar objects with a jarring and uncanny sensibility.

Her works' iconography is drawn from many different sources, including Christianity, art history and folklore.Ā 

In her working process, Fritsch combines the techniques of traditional sculpture with those of industrial production. While many of her early works were handcrafted, Fritsch now makes only the models for her sculptures and then hands these over to a factory for production, to "near-pathological specifications".Ā 

She uses these models to create moulds, from which the final sculptures are cast in materials such as plaster, polyester and aluminium. Many are made as editions, meaning that multiple casts are taken from one mould.

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