k.at site_name

k.at site_name


Recently the Checklist was updated with a clarification regarding site_name

The site_name property must include the name that users see on the main page of the website (examples here).

Makes perfect sense, right? I mean, you see "EVA" on the logo, you set "EVA" as the site_name instead of "eva.bg". Simple as that. Except it isn't.

Enter the k.at

Yep, that's a K

or was it IC?..

Everyone knows that two examples are more than enough to set a perfectly universal rule. Two times more than enough, to be precise.

Let us waste no time:

site_name: "K"
Wait, what was that website again?
K what? Nevermind, I'm gonna google it.

excuse me what the k

Checklist is very clear
...see some letters on the logo, write them down, you're done.

Most users see only "K" on main page that's all you need to know.
...because no other product would ever put K on its logo
...and surely no website ever uses TLD as part of its name

Do we really have to do this? Setting useless, nonsensical site names just because the logo no matter what?

Logos are logos, they are not titles, they aren't meant to include a name entirely or consist entirely of a name. Sometimes they are, but not always.

let's get more concrete

Speaking of k.at specifically...

You won't see a single place on the Internet where this website is referred to as K. You wouldn't find it even if it existed for an obvious reason.


# pinterest.com
~version: "2.1"
site_name: "P"