Как получить 1000 токенов DAOACT

Как получить 1000 токенов DAOACT

[BOUNTY] Бесплатная раздача токенов

Приветствую друзья! Есть отличный способ получить 1000 токенов DAOACT, не вкладывая денег, просто следуйте инструкции!

  • Заходите сюда https://www.daoact.org/win-1000-act/
  • Заполняете ответы (будьте внимательны, они между собою очень похожи)


How many ACT Token will you receive for completing at least 7 out of these 9 questions correctly? *1000

Our recent analysis on Medium showed that a proposal curator on ACT that contributed $1000 at pre-ICO earned curation rewards over ten years with a Net Present Value of *$25,119

Our pre-ICO was announced on Medium for which date? *18th July 2017

he central character in our explainer video is called / from *Maria Cordova / Minsk

Our "meet the team" video features ACT's lead smart contract developer *Johannes Angermeier from Draglet.com

The images include ACT at ... *Meetup Kiev, Ukraine

Our White Paper says ... *We want a curation engine that rewards those with a long-term perspective and interest in the platform.

"Social Accountability" is defined as ... *the extent and capability of citizens to hold the state accountable and make it responsive to their needss

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Ожидаете ответ на свой почтовый ящик с результатами опроса. Удачи!

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