Intelligence services for participants in the housing market

This time we will review INTRO calmly. INTRO is a BI (Busine Intelligence) system for participants from off-plan developers - builders, investors, home buyers, banks and other agents.

Our mission is to create a transparent off-plan global property market and to protect developers and home buyers against safe investments.


Here are the most significant benefits:

  1. The INTRO service is made in collaboration with experienced developers of the Gosstroy Group, representatives of state agencies, real estate agents and other experts.
  2. The development of two products INTRO - INTRO Analytica and INTRO Sale - has been completed now. You can test web apps from your PC now.
  3. The commercial version of INTRO Analytica was launched 3 months ago and now generates $ 8,500 in revenues per month.
  4. Pre-launch tensile customers are collected for products that are still under development. INTRO Sale release in Russia awaited by 20 developers and 3 large real estate agents. INTRO COINvest has more than 1,000 initial customers among Russian home buyers.
  5. Marketing & legal support in the target market abroad will be provided by local agents.
  6. INTRO Tokens are an integral part of the INTRO ecosystem. They are used in reward programs and provide access to the maximum package of services.
  7. The use of the BI system provides a strategic advantage for real estate market participants: developers, real estate brokers and private investors.

Below you can see the road map, which will be explained in detail in the following chapters:


Potential market:

Algoritma system:

Blockchain integration ensures that INTRO as a data miner can not change or hide information from state registers. state officers and market participants can be confident that the data in the system is reliable and unchanged.

INTRO Analytica is B2B-an irreplaceable service for real estate professionals - developers, real estate agents and builders. Private investors and home buyers can use B2C-ecosystem services INTRO.


INTRO Analytica

INTRO Analytica is the BI system for players from off-plan market development.Currently, INTRO Analytica System is used by developers, investors, banks and the Russian government, as well as by leading architects and mass media.

The BI-platform concept for off-plan development analysis in Russia emerged in 2016. The pilot version for state authorities was launched in the summer of 2017, and already in October 2017 B2B version sales began. INTRO Analytica is a growing demand among developers: more than 20 large Russian construction holders are using the system. The interest in these products is growing and the service scope is rapidly expanding in the territory of Russia and neighboring countries.


Sale INTRO is a private online auction for property developers. Developers often suffer from cash flow gaps during the construction cycle and are in dire need of cash inflows. In such cases, developers often offer properties at a net cost to their partners who are more selling them at market prices.

beta testing of systems between INTRO Analytica users proves that developers are interested in closed deals, as they help not to violate the overall sales plan for the object due to occasional discounts. The share of discounted properties in construction projects typically does not exceed 5%, therefore, the public announcement of unsuccessful auction sales. The development of INTRO Sale began in July 2017, the release taking place in January 2018.


Is a social application for home buyers. Homeowners in new buildings have many common goals - ranging from quality control from construction to selection of residential care companies. These tasks are much easier to solve in cooperation with future neighbors and experts that one can fulfill through our social applications INTRO COINvest.

Through convenient apps, buyers will be able to chat with each other, developer representatives and, if necessary, lawyers and technical experts.Moving in new residential blocks or villages, neighbors will be able to save on buying household items through joint purchase clubs.

COINvest users will be able to assess developers and service providers. Rankings will be stored in a unchanged blockchain to keep an honest record on company operations.

INTRO reiterates

Is an online off-property property store with a developer price.

INTRO restates providing search across all property sold in under construction buildings throughout the territory covered by INTRO systems. Smart contracts allow investors to enter into agreements with property developers at minimum transaction costs and without intermediaries.

Property deposits the buyer of money for the selected property, which can be frozen on the INTRO account reiterated. The developer recieves a request to register the investor's property and submit the document to the state registration authority. When the developer confirms that the off-plan or ready-to-use property is registered, INTRO re- make an authomated request to the state authorities and write a response in blockchain. In case of a positive response, INTRO restates sending money withholded to the developer.

INTRO Subscribe

The INTRO service is based on a subscription with a free private subscription key for INTRO Analytica awarded to representatives of state agencies working with companies in disclosure of information on construction activities (Ministry of Construction and Architecture, Municipality Council, etc.).

Private companies, investors and home buyers can choose a paid subscription for the services they need, whether it's a professional analysis, auction and a real estate sales platform or homeowner community.

All INTRO Token holders will get access to the subscription plan depending on the number of Tokens purchased. Early investors will receive a discount on subscriptions for services for 1 year and longer.


Benefits for Token holders

INTRO Token is a permit for access to IT product features in the INTRO ecosystem. Total 100.000.000 INTRO Standard token ERC20 will be issued on smart Etherium contract. The purchase of INTRO Tokens does not mean ownership of shares in the business. Token holders are not entitled to dividend payments, they can not affect business development strategies by voting for new regions during the global expansion of INTRO services.

INTRO Token provides access to professional analysis of off-plan development, online real estate sales in various countries, property auctions and social networking of home buyers.

For home buyers:

The home buyer will be able to purchase under construction property directly from the developer. The system evaluates the reliability of the project: legal permits, construction plans and registration of off-property rights of property investors. These details are incorporated into the INTRO system from state sources and stored in blockchain, which does not include any fraudulent schemes.

For property investors:

investors will receive discount offers from developers around the world. Off-plan properties will be set up for private auctions in the blockchain starting from the net cost. This provides the Token holder with the most profitable investment opportunities while the developer uses private auctions as an excellent fundraising option.

Bonus tokens will be provided for any useful contribution to the system. Then active users will be able to spend their bonuses in the retail chain partnered or legal, technical and other services. The reward system will support Token turnover in ecosystems and crypto-bursa. Unlimited emissions and bonus systems will continue to increase the value of INTRO Token. worldwide service expansions will double the number of INTRO service users and Token transaction turnover.

Together, these factors will growtkan capitalization and demand for INTRO Token.


distribution of tokens and bonuses

Token sale date:

A user must register a personal account to purchase a Token. Buyers will be able to buy Tokens with currency fiat (USD, EUR) or crypto-currency (BTC, ЕТН, LTC, Dash, etc.). Each Token holder will obtain a personal address (for each cryptocurrency) after registration and will receive confirmation via email. The buyers will also be able to transfer Tokens from their wallets.

Token emissions are conducted only once under smart contract conditions. The official distribution expires on June 15, 2018. The agreement between the buyer of INTRO Token and the distributor will apply the law and become binding at that time.

Distribution of money received in Sale Token program

The following is a detailed overview of how the INTRO team will use the funds it earns:


Oleg Obolensky, CTO

Andrey Krylov,  Product Manager

Timur Zainullin,  Head of Government Relations

Denis Smolyar,  Leader of the Development Team

Valeriy Kolyada,  Marketing Advisor

Marat Valiev,  Financial adviser

Dinar Semenov,  Trader

Alexander Lazarev,  Business coach

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