🎤 Interview with TON.Labs CEO

Exclusively for our readers, TON Board talked with the CEO of TON.Labs, Alexander Filatov about the vision of his company and its role in the success of Telegram Open Network.

- Why did you decide to create TON Labs? What is the mission of the company? Why will it be successful?

- Two years ago, when the future founders of TON Labs met Pavel Durov and his team, we got very impressed with his passion and vision for the TON blockchain. We started from fundraising for TON, syndicating a substantial investment. But we quickly realized that in order to maximize the chances of TON revolutionizing the blockchain space somebody needs to develop a set of tools to make coding for TON real easy. We gathered a team of more than 40 top-notch developers and focused on creating a complementary infrastructure for TON - compilers (Solidity and LLVM), SDK, IDE and other tools that significantly facilitate application development for TON. 

As for success, we see it in having thousands of developer entrepreneurs easily creating applications for TON and then watching their applications finding millions of users in a Telegram/TON ecosystem. An important remark is that we are also truly committed to the Open Source approach, which we believe is the best possible way to synchronize our mission, power of community impact and business goals. The success will be a whole community success.

- What are your expectations on the TON development and use cases?

- First of all, we expect exponential growth of the TON developer community. This is the main goal of TON Labs. A powerful large community will deliver thousands of use cases that we can not even think of now. Even the Solidity compiler that we just rolled out opens the way for about 1800 active Ethereum applications to be migrated to TON, gaining a whole new momentum thanks to a much larger user base.

- Did you invest in Grams? What was the decisive factor in entering into the deal? What price do you expect for Grams by the end of 2020?

- The founders of TON Labs invested substantial amounts into Grams and we are going to hang on to them for quite a while. We are not focused on short term pricing of grams as we believe that it will be a utility token powering one of the most valuable ecosystems.

- What would you suggest to other owners of Grams and blockchain enthusiasts?

- I do not want to give any investment advice, but all I can repeat is that we will hold on to the grams for the long term.


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